Mainline 2001

DPS Deltic workings on the main line in 2001.

Monday January 15

55019: Crewe-Stoke-Toton-Barrow Hill (light engine), Barrow Hill-Beighton-Moorthorpe-York NRM (hauling D1023+D8000)

Monday April 23

55019: Battersby-Grosmont (hauling D1023, D8000 and 33021 – the Class 33 had hauled the convoy from York)

Monday May 7

55019: York-Doncaster-Lincoln-Peterborough-Nene Valley Railway (light engine) (Loco had moved to York the previous week DIT)

Thursday July 26

D9009: Barrow Hill-Fragonset Derby (light engine)

Thursday August 2

D9009: Fragonset Derby-Hope Valley-WCML-Carlisle (light engine)

Saturday August 4

D9009: Carlisle-Glasgow Central (dead on rear of private charter hauled by D9000), Glasgow Central-Carnforth (ECS, loaded test run)

Saturday August 11

D9009: Carnforth-Preston (ECS), Preston-Manchester Vic-Bradford Int-York-Newcastle-Carlisle (DPS Charter), Carlisle-Kingmoor-Carlisle (ECS), Carlisle-S&C-Shipley-Huddersfield-Manchester Vic-Preston (DPS Charter), Preston-Carnforth (ECS)

Wednesday August 22

D9009: Carnforth-Barrow Hill (light engine)

Thursday October 18

D9009: Barrow Hill-Carnforth (ECS)

Saturday October 20

D9009: Carnforth-Preston (ECS), Preston-Manchester-Wakefield-York (rr)-Peterborough-Ely (DPS Charter, 55019 on rear from Peterborough)

55019:  Wansford-Peterborough (light engine), Ely-Norwich (DPS Charter, D9009 on rear)

D9009: Norwich-Acle-Great Yarmouth (DPS Charter)

55019: Great Yarmouth-Peterborough (via Wensum curve/Ely avoider) (D9009 DIT) (DPS Charter0

55019+D9009: Peterborough-York (DPS Charter)

D9009+55019: York-Preston (DPS Charter), Preston-Carnforth (ECS)

Monday October 22

55019+D9009: Carnforth-Barrow Hill (light engine)





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