D9009 & 55019 to visit Bluebell Railway

The Bluebell Railway and the Deltic Preservation Society are pleased to announce the visit of D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ for the Bluebell Railway Diesel Gala on the 18th and 19th April 2015. This will be the first time two Deltics have visited the Sussex heritage railway with both locos arriving via the Bluebell’s mainline connection at East Grinstead. A two train service will be in operation each day with the locos switching diagrams on the Sunday.

For further details please look at our websites, call the Bluebell Railway on 01825 720800 or email the Deltic Preservation Society on secretaryATthedps.co.uk

Update concerning April 11th tour

The DPS was disappointed to learn earlier this week that 52A Tours will no longer be sponsoring the repaint of ‘ALYCIDON’ into Finsbury Park style BR blue (with white cab windows), or using the loco on its tour on April 11th. As most people will be aware, the loco had already been moved to the NRM at York in readiness for repainting in February 2015 and to allow shed space at the Deltic Depot for investigation work on 55002 which is currently limited to single engine use – as always the DPS continue to assist all Deltics where reasonably possible. We feel sure you will share our disappointment in this news.

52A Tours is contacting all those who have booked on the tour regarding where they stand with their bookings. If you have any queries concerning your booking, please contact 52A Tours.

Volunteer’s View – 20/12/14

It’s been a winding down for Xmas kind of day at Barrow Hill. I’ve been with Darrell, Beth, Tom, Geoff and Ray. Beth worked on our spare power units. Darrell and Tom worked on removing brake equipment for overhaul and B Exam jobs on 19. Ray measured up where our new mess cabins will go. I sorted out the paperwork for 19′s winter maintenance and cleaned some more switch gear. Attached are a picture of 19 waiting for next season and my handy work. Merry Xmas.



SVR Deltic Footplate Experiences 2015

The Severn Valley Railway has announced the dates of the Deltic operated Footplate Experience courses which will use 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ in 2015. The courses will take place on Monday 8th June, Monday 15th June, Monday 13th July, Monday 20th July, Monday 3rd August and Monday 17th August, and there are already bookings in for each day.

The Deltic Footplate Experience Courses are priced at £375.00 and more information and details of how to book can be found at http://www.svr.co.uk/Footplate_DieselDrivingExperience.aspx

Volunteer’s View – Saturday 29th November

The latest news from Graham Clarke at Barrow Hill:

I’ve been with Darrell, Beth, Nat, Mike and Tom. Power unit’s were worked on by Beth, Darrell was working on sales items and gathering scrap to sell, Tom helped out with all sorts and visitors and Mike and I nearly finished loading pallets into the stores. Unfortunately, the fork lift went flat so we have 3 pallets left still to do next week. We’ve also had visitors today in Nick and his family and various other people who Tom showed round no.19. We’ve also have a much bigger visitor, 55002 from the National Railway Museum. Nat has been cleaning it. It’ll be in for a while, because no.9 is at York in its place. No.2 needs some engine work. I finished off with a bit more switch gear cleaning. All in all a good and productive day. Thanks to everyone for your support and hard work.

D9009 now at York NRM

Thursday 27th November saw all the planned Deltic moves go as planned. 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is now back at Barrow Hill for the winter after its season at the Severn Valley followed by a visit to the East Lancashire Railway, while D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is now at the National Railway Museum.

The picture below shows D9009 at York station on the final leg of its journey to the National Railway Museum. Thanks go to Ian Beattie for supplying the image.


D9009 & 55019 – move from ELR today (27/11/14)

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ are today moving back from the East Lancashire Railway to Barrow Hill, running via Manchester Victoria, Crewe, Stafford, Lichfield and Derby, and due to arrive back at Barrow Hill at 13.42. Full timings can be found at http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R53317/2014/11/27/advanced where the move can also be monitored.

D9009′s return to Barrow Hill will be short, as the loco will then depart for the NRM at York for winter maintenance pending its forthcoming repaint. Its space at Barrow Hill will be taken by the NRM’s 55002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’ which is coming for engine work. Timings for the Barrow Hill to York move (0Z09) with D9009 are at http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R00732/2014/11/27/advanced , while 55002′s move (oZ02) takes place this evening, and are detailed at http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R36034/2014/11/27/advanced

Volunteer’s View – 15/11/14

The latest from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill today were Tom Payne, Ray, Robin, Alexander Williams and I. More tidying up around the stores and in the workshop area was completed ready for moving engines around, the Warflat wagon with two spare power units on it was made ready to move with the units strapped down and I fitted the battery isolating switch and main lighting switch into no.15. They still need connecting up.

Volunteer’s View – 1st & 8th November

Two more reports from Barrow Hill, courtesy of Graham Clarke:

Saturday 1st November
I’ve been at Barrow Hill with Melvyn and Tom. Cleaning the second voltage regulator has started thanks to Tom. Melvyn painted some air pipes and the box that is under the battery isolating switch (BIS). This will allow me to fit the BIS and the main lighting switch for good and connect them up. I’ve finally found a solvent that will clean off all the old carbonated varnish and crap from the electrical panels and cabling. It’s intended for UPVC windows, but it does the job. You have to use it sparingly though. I’ve also tried out our new calibrated insulation tester, which is great. It’s a proper Fluke one.

Saturday 8th November
Yesterday at Barrow Hill with Steve Smedley, Steve McRae, and Ray; a lot of tidying up was done, we worked out a way to lift complete power units on and off the floor without spending a fortune, most of the remaining crud from under no.2 nose end was cleaned off and I did some more very successful cleaning of the switchgear panels at no.2 end. Under the loco is now almost ready for steam cleaning and painting. All the tidying up is ready for re-arranging our various engines and power units. After trying all manner of cleaning agents, I’m delighted to have found something that removes all the dirty old varnish. It now looks properly clean.

ELR – 8th & 9th November

This weekend saw D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ undertake their last passenger workings at the East Lancashire Railway before they return to the DPS depot at Barrow Hill for the winter. Saturday saw both locos in use as part of an ‘East Coast Theme Day’, with Sunday being billed as the ’2014 ELR Deltic Finale’, featuring 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILER’, the use of a ‘regiment’ being particularly appropriate on Remembrance Sunday.

Following a Driver Experience course on Monday 17th November, D9009 and 55019 are expected to depart from the ELR on Tuesday 25th November.

The photo below shows 55019 at Bury on the Sunday, carrying a wreath and shortly before the loco’s power units were shut down for 2 minute’s silence at 11.00.


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