Volunteer’s View – April 30th 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

It was another very productive day at Barrow Hill.

55019 had the compressors refitted following nose floor repairs and painting. Thanks to Stuart, Adrian and Steve.

Ray and John dealt with finances and some very important paperwork for Companies House. Thank you very much.

Geoff topcoated 55019′s nose top doors on the inside and primed a main generator air duct. Thanks Geoff.

PU 430 had further work done on injector pockets, including removing and servicing one that did not want to come out for several weeks. The second half of the main generator fan was also removed after a bit of a fight and a soft mallet. Everyone had all their fingers afterwards as a bonus. Thanks Beth and Nigel.

55019′s silencers also received, shall we say a high temperature clean. Thanks Howard and Mya.

On D9015, Pete got the no.1 cab lighting working and I finally got the rewire of the no.2 start control contactor almost completed. I have a 2BA terminal screw missing (people have been saying it for years) otherwise I would have finished the job.

Thanks once again to everyone for your invaluable help.

D9009 move today (May 4th)

In preparation for Saturday’s tour, D9009 will run from York to Burton today, via Moorthorpe, Barrow Hill, Chesterfield and Derby. Booked departure is at 09.10, but please remember moves like this can run early or late!


Volunteer’s View – Saturday April 22nd

Another report from  Graham Clarke:

It was another very productive day at Barrow Hill.

Beth and Nigel made good progress with getting the main generator off 430.  Thanks both.

Geoff did his usual miracles and undercoated 19′s nose top doors, boiler area roof framework and the newly re-skinned underside of the centre roof section.  Thanks Geoff.

Pete carried on with sorting out the no.1 cab lighting on 15 and it should be ready to go next Saturday.  It’s difficult when you don’t have the wiring plans and you have to knife and fork everything with a continuity tester and only a schematic diagram to work from.  For the rest of the loco we have the full information, which makes it easier to some extent.  Thanks Pete.

Mike greased 19′s bogies and checked tightened the traction motor suspension tube cap bolts.   They tend to sometimes work loose.  I examined the traction motors and changed 26 out of 72 worn out carbon brushes.  It just shows how much use the loco’s had.   I’ve never done that many in one go before.  I finished off a hard day’s work examining the bogies.  There are couple of small jobs to sort out when the pit is free again.  Thanks to Barrow Hill for the shunt, Sheaf Engineering for clearing the pit and a greasy Mike for all the help.

Thanks also to Ray for bringing the armature support bracket he’s had made for removing the generator from 430.

I went home happy for doing a good day’s hard work, but I did ache all over and my hands got a few nips from the brush compression fingers.  The come keen when they snap shut on your fingers.

DPS@40 Charter, Saturday 7th October – Booking Form

A booking form for the DPS@40 evening railtour with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ from the Bluebell Railway to the South Coast on Saturday 7th October is now available for download by CLICKING HERE. Bookings are being dealt with by our friends at Avocet Travel Management, who sponsored the repaint of D9009 last year.

The tour is booked to leave East Grinstead around 17.00, calling at Oxted and East Croydon before going on a circular tour of Hampshire, returning to East Grinstead around 22.30. The train will feature both Standard Class and First Class Dining seats, and the requested routing is as follows:

East Grinstead (pu/sd) – Oxted (pu/sd) – East Croydon (pu/sd) then via Clapham Juntion  - Kew East Junction – Hounslow – Woking – Andover – Laverstock Chord – Romsey – Southampton – Winchester – Hounslow – Clapham Junction – East Croydon (sd) – Oxted (sd) – East Grinstead (sd).

We look forward to seeing many of you on board.

Volunteer’s View – Saturday 8th April 2017

Graham Clarke reports on activities at the depot on April 8th:

Last Saturday was partly a tale of more of the same as last week and I had other business to attend to meaning I was late arriving.

Much work was done on repairing 55019′s corroded centre roof section. This continued on the Sunday too. Thanks to Stuart and our local welding contractor.

Beth, Tom and Nigel carried on with power unit fuel injector pocket refurbishment. And more was done on Sunday as well. Thanks to you all.

Geoff repaired the cab roof lining and lighting fuse box mounting in 15′s no.1 cab and carried on with the nose top doors from 19. Mike carried on tidying Thanks Geoff and Mike.

I managed to connect the wires for the number 2 start control contactor to the terminal blocks and lay the wires into place. I now need to finish the basic looming of the wires, so I can cut the wires to the finished length, terminate and connect up them to the contactor. Hopefully, it will be completed next week along with the no.1 cab lighting

DPS@40 charter – Saturday 7th October

In conjunction with Avocet Travel Management, the DPS is delighted to announce a late afternoon/evening main line charter on Saturday 7th October, tied in with our 40th anniversary celebrations at the Bluebell Railway. The train will leave East Grinstead around 17.00 with pick-ups at Oxted and East Croydon before embarking on a circular tour around Hampshire, returning to East Grinstead around 22.30. Further details and a booking form will be available for download shortly.

More Spa Valley Driver Experiences

Heavy demand for the Deltic Driver Experience courses has resulted in the use of 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Spa Valley Railway being extended by a week. The loco will be used on additional Driver Experience courses on September 2nd/3rd – for more details or to book, please visit the Spa Valley Railway website by CLICKING HERE. Currently, there are also two places remaining on August 11th, and one on August 13th.

Volunteer’s View – 1st April 2017

Graham Clarke reports on Saturday:

Saturday at Barrow Hill it was a major tidy up part one.  The container was emptied of redundant display cases, pit covering boards were moved from the stores to the container and two pallets of spare crankshafts were put on the racks where the pit boards came from.  Thanks to Mike and Steve.  Mike also lifted down a spare auxiliary generator armature for me.

An auxiliary generator is away for overhaul with Sulzer at the moment and it’s armature is in poor condition and woul…d cost a lot of money to have rewound.  The old one will be kept for potential use on a preserved line only basis.  The interpole coils may still have to be rewound, but the bill won’t be as big as it could be.  The generator will go on power unit 430 that’s being reactivated.

This problem highlights that we are now having to use our ‘crown jewels’.  It also shows just how much better we need to get and at fundraising, so we can reinvest in our assets for the long term future of our locos.

Power units were worked on by Beth, Nigel and Tom thanks to them.  Injector pockets are going back together, exhaust manifolds are now back together after decarbonisation and a coolant flow switch has been fitted.

Ray and Hutch worked on our health and safety management system and moved the signing on point to near the depot entrance.  Thanks, it’s much better.

On 15, Geoff worked on the cab ceiling where the lighting fuse box goes and Pete worked on checking the new lighting wiring and fitting the light fittings.  Thank you for your efforts.

Adrian took the nose air intake grills off 19′s no.2 end and fitted a missing bolt to the no.2 traction motor blower.  Thanks.

I terminated one end of the new no.2 start control contactor wiring and fitted two of the wires.  Once the other 5 are in I’ll cut them to length, terminate them and connect up the contactor.

Thanks to everyone for a good day.

Volunteer’s View – March 18th & 25th 2017

A double report from Graham Clarke:

A double bill this week, covering yesterday and the previous Saturday.

Power unit work has continued over the past two weeks, including some Sunday and Midweek work. A lot has been done on refitting overhauled injector pockets and exhaust system cleaning. Some preparatory work has been done towards taking off 430′s old main generator, but this needs another armature support bracket. The supplier has ransom ware on their computers, so I hope there are no delays. Thanks to Beth, Nigel and Tom.

Stuart removed all of 19′s old exhaust system lagging. There a lot of it! He also painted some of the framework around the no.1 nose air intake grills and got the area ready for welding. Thanks Stuart.

The compressors and no.2 nose were degreased and steam cleaned, ready for welding and painting. Thanks to Ray and Mike. They also did a quick trial of traffic film remover and steam cleaning the cab roof and nose. It worked quite successfully and a quick polish will make the loco look decent, but used.

On ‘TULYAR’, the no.1 cab lighting rewire is nearly ready for testing and it should be up and running by next Saturday. Thanks to Pete for doing this work. I’ve now finished the rewiring of the no. 2 control cut out low air pressure switch and removed the bad wiring from the no.2 start control contactor. One of the inline crimp repairs came apart while I was removing the old wiring, just to illustrate why I’m changing it. I also cut and temporarily marked the new wires ready to fit next week.

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