55019 to visit Nene Valley Railway

We are pleased to advise that 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will be visiting the Nene Valley Railway later in the year. Please see the following announcement from the NVR:

We are pleased to announce that 55019 will be a star attraction at our October Diesel Gala on 11th, 12th & 13th October. The locomotive will arrive at Wansford during late August and undertake our popular Driving Experience courses before passenger hauling at the Diesel Gala. 55019 may well also appear at other events on the NVR. 55019 attends the NVR with kind permission of the Deltic Preservation Society. Dates for our Driving courses will be released very soon, keep and eye on our web pages and social media feeds for all information. www.nvr.org.uk & www.thedps.co.uk

55019 in action at the SVR

55019 arrived safely at the SVR on Monday evening ready for three weeks of events including mid week service train, driver experiences and gala. Wednesday was the first working of two experience trains. Next weekend Thursday to Saturday Diesel Gala (plus running day on Wednesday) would be a good opportunity to see the only operational Deltic locomotive in the world!


55019 at Arley on the first day of the Driver Footplate Experience. (Stuart Page)

North Norfolk Railway visit

Further to last week’s posting regarding the possible visit of 55019 to the NNR, please see the statement below from the North Norfolk Railway:

“Following the unfortunate incident leading to the withdrawal of Deltic 55009 from our 2019 Mixed Traction Gala plans, the Deltic Preservation Society were able to offer us Deltic 55019 as a substitute locomotive, however, unlike 55009, 55019 is not currently fitted with the necessary equipment to bring itself to us via Network Rail, and as a result would have needed two chaperone locomotives to top and tail the locomotive to and from us due to a lack of run round facilities at Cromer. Unfortunately, the additional costs associated with additional locomotives, has meant that unfortunately, we were not able to take up the kind offer of 55019. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the DPS, and look forward to a Deltic visiting in future.”

Volunteers View – May 4th 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

A short update from the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill.

Winter maintenance was completed on 55019 on Saturday. A few last minute jobs, including greasing fan drives, tidying up after the mammoth cab repaint and cleaning main generators of oil contamination were done yesterday. Some work was also done on the cab of 55008 and John tidied up the safety barrier and finances.

Thanks to Geoff, Beth, Nigel, Stuart, Mike and John for yesterday’s efforts.

I would also like to say a further thank you to everyone who has come along and supported the DPS at Barrow Hill over the winter, during the recent Easter working week and during the midweek working parties. It all makes what we love possible and it would not happen without your support.

55019 departed for the Severn Valley on May 6th and has now arrived at Kidderminster.

55019 moving to SVR tomorrow

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is due to leave Barrow Hill for the Severn Valley Railway at 17.00 tomorrow (Monday 6th May). The move is booked to run first to Butterley before continuing to Kidderminster, arriving around 23.00. Planned timings for the moves can be following links:

Barrow Hill-Butterley ; Butterley-Severn Valley

As well as the gala on May 16th-18th and footplate experience trips on various dates, 55019 will be operating the SVR diesel diagram on Wednesday 15th May (11.20/15.20 from Kidderminster and 13.10/17.10 from Bridgnorth).

Below, 55019 at Barrow Hill on May 4th, ready for departure (Photo: Stuart Page)


North Norfolk Railway update

As most if not all will be aware, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is currently out of traffic and will therefore be unable to appear at the North Norfolk Railway’s gala on June 14th-16th as originally planned. We are currently investigating a number of options regarding the possible attendance of 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the event, if the loco can be moved affordably. Watch this space for more information in the next few days.

SVR gala roster details

The Severn Valley Railway has announced its timetable and roster for its diesel gala on May 16th-18th, full details of which can be obtained by downloading the PDF from the line’s website by clicking HERE. 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is booked to make one return trip each day, details of which are as follows:

Thursday 16th May: 14.35 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 17.42 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

Friday 17th May: 11.23 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 13.42 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

Saturday 18th May: 16.55 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 19.10 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

In addition, 55019 is rostered to work the SVR diesel diagram (two round trips) on Wednesday 15th May – ideal if you want more Deltic mileage than offered on the gala days. On this day, 55019 is planned to work the 11.20 and 15.20 departures from Kidderminster and the 13.10 and 17.10 departures from Bridgnorth.

Volunteer’s View – April 6th/7th & 13th/14th

Graham Clarke provides an update on progress at the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill:

Over the last couple of weeks, tidying up has made good progress ready for visitors and it generally needed doing! Thanks to everyone for their efforts towards the endeavour. Shall I ever see some of those faces with a brush again? The yellow lockers have also moved to where one of 55015’s parts racks used to be (a hint of it now going together. This has made space for the new display area at the back of the Depot.

Further progress has been made on refurbishing parts for the cab of 55008.

55015 has had the traction motor blowers sent away, tested and balanced by Sulzer in Birmingham. They are now ready to fit.

The main focus on 55019 is completing exam work and this will culminate over Easter. The cab painting is moving on nicely, the new silencer drain pipes are in, I’ve checked the main and auxiliary generators (which need a clean still), the tail lights have had a first gloss coat and a full brake test was completed as well. The loco was run up on both power units to complete checks and for brake testing. A few minor leaks needed attention and not much else. A missing bolt for one of the bogie swing link hanger pin retaining brackets has also been attended to. I found it while I was checking the top brush gear on no.6 traction motor. It would stop the loco running, if not replaced.

A big thanks to: Mick, Mike, Bob, Martin, Trevor, Chris, Steve (2), Pete, Alex (2), John, Ray, Stuart and Wizz.

There is nothing to add about D9009 at the moment, although plans to move forward are developing with the multiple stake holders.

D9009 – an update

The failure of DPS-owned Class 55 D9009 Alycidon on the southbound ‘Auld Reekie’ rail tour from Edinburgh, which saw the locomotive failed at Berwick, has turned out to be more serious than originally thought. Initially, two traction motors were isolated at Dunbar following a loud ‘bang’ but difficulty in obtaining power saw the driver call it a day at Berwick.

Subsequent investigations have revealed a large power surge has damaged all 6 traction motors and one of the two main generators has also be affected. The damage is not consistent with what could be termed a ‘normal’ flashover where current arcs from one brush box too the next. There is a burn mark on the roof of D9009 and also on the inside of the engine room roof.

It is highly probable that the six traction motors will need to be professionally repaired, necessitating lifting the locomotive to gain access to the bogies. It is not known if the affected main generator will require similar attention Should this be necessary, the complete power unit will need lifting out and the generator removed.

The DPS has regrettably had to inform Pathfinder Tours that the locomotive will not be repaired in time to run ‘The Harrogate & Humber Deltic Reprise’ on May 11 but hopes this tour can be scheduled at a later date.

The DPS wishes to thank DB Cargo, the operator of the ‘Auld Reekie’ tour, for its exceptional co-operation and assistance with this incident. Investigations continue to establish the cause of the damage.

As you may have already seen, we are now in a position to accept online donations – many thanks to those of you who have already done so. Well wishers who want to see this Deltic back on the main line are invited to make a donation using the link button to the right.

Volunteer’s View – March 23rd/24th & 30th/31st

Graham Clarke writes…

I’m a bit overdue for an update from the DPS. It’s been exceptionally busy. There will be a further public statement on D9009 shortly. I shan’t comment further here.

It’s been a productive period, with work continuing and preparing 55019 by completing the annual exam, painting no.2 cab, both cab roofs and both nose ends (including refurbishing the tail lights).

Work has also continued on various aspects of 55015 that are mostly time consuming details round the buffer cowls. I’ve had little time for hands on work on no.15, due to dealing with D9009’s woes.

Over the last two Saturdays, I’ve examined, cleaned and changed a number of worn brushes in 55019’s traction motors.

A major clean and tidy of the depot has also begun, because we have important visitors in a few weeks time. I have seen people with brushes that I thought did not know what one was.

A big thank you to the following people: Beth, Nat, Nigel, Nat, Johnny, Steve(2), Alex, Martin, Bob, Mark, Trevor, Chris, Pete, Dave, Ray, Mike, Darrell, Keith, Howard, Mia and anybody I’ve inevitably forgotten.

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