D9009 to haul ‘The Welsh Central Liner’ on June 17th

We are pleased to announce another tour that will be hauled by D9009 this year. ‘ALYCIDON’ will now haul Pathfinder Tours’ “Welsh Central Liner”, a circular trip from Burton and pick-ups in the Midlands plus Cheltenham/Gloucester/Chepstow which then travels over the scenic Central Wales line after which there will be a late afternoon break in Shrewsbury before returning via the Welsh Marches to Chepstow and, ultimately, Burton. This tour was originally advertised to be hauled by D1015 ‘WESTERN CHAMPION’, which is no longer available due to suffering an engine problem last month. We wish our friends in the Diesel Traction Group all the best in returning the loco to full working order.

Full details regarding the tour, which is now open for bookings, can be found on Pathfinder’s website by CLICKING HERE.


The Hull and Leeds Executive – more information

Further to the preliminary information provided a few days ago, Pathfinder Tours has now announced full details about ‘The Hull and Leeds Executive’ tour with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on Saturday May 6th. The tour starts at Willington behind a Class 68, which will haul the train to Hull, picking up at Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Swinton, Wakefield Kirkgate and Leeds. D9009 will then take over for the run to London, via Selby, Doncaster, the diversionary route via Gainsborough, Lincoln and Spalding to Peterborough and the Hertford Loop to King’s Cross where there will be a break. The return leg will hopefully be a fast one using the ECML (a 100 mph path has been requested) back to Leeds, from where the Class 68 will return the train to Willington.

More details can be found on the Pathfinder Tours website by CLICKING HERE. We look forward to seeing many of you on board this excursion over classic Deltic routes.

Volunteer’s View – December 31st 2016

Graham Clarke’s last visit to Barrow Hill in 2016:

I rounded out 2016 at Barrow Hill yesterday with Adrian and Mike. Adrian and Mike sorted, cleaned and prepared air reservoir fittings ready to install air tanks during January. It’s a tedious, but essential piece of preparatory work that saves hours of messing about and makes the installation go smoothly.

I completed the rewiring of the no.1 start control contactor and loomed the wiring. It’s neat now for the first time since 1981, when it was hacked by persons unknown around Doncaster and expertly repaired to get the loco started in preservation by our friends late of Finsbury Park.

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year and say thank you very much to everyone has supported the DPS during 2016.

I’m looking forward very much to 2017. Maybe, D9015 will run again this year in the Society’s 40th year?

Volunteer’s View – December 24th 2016

Graham Clarke writes:

There was only me at Barrow Hill this weekend. I wonder why? I repaired a damaged lighting cable with self amalgamating tape. It’s weird stuff, because you have to stretch it to make it bond. When it’s done it becomes one mass and it’s very durable and waterproof. It took a few tries to get something decent. I dropped the last cable tray cover on when I’d finished. The rest of my time is as spent putting cable looms back together around the rewired start control contactor. It’s a bit like knitting.

The next working party is on Wednesday and I’m there next Saturday.

I had 68021 for company too.

Merry Christmas to all from the DPS.

Volunteer’s View – December 14th 2016

A midweek report! Darrell Marsh writes:

t’s been a busy few days for the society’s volunteers. After the Saturday and Monday working parties reported earlier in the week, it’s now my turn to report on Wednesday’s activities.

For me it was an early start to oversee the removal of the boiler roof/ silencers and steam heat boiler from 55019 by Shires Cranes Ltd. Both were removed by 11/30 and at just after 12:00 ,Royal Highland Fusilier was in the depot at the side of Tulyar with the roof and boiler moved in front of the depot on our RRV trailer pending work commencing on repairs and modification. Thanks to the staff at Shires Cranes, Merv, Simon and the staff at Barrow Hill, DRS, Sheaf Engineering and HNRC without whose co-operation the lifts on Monday and today would not have happened.

Meanwhile back in the depot the midweek team of volunteers had arrived and started working on painting power unit components, preparing air pipes for the bogies, moving lockers and kitchen units into the new welfare facilities ready for fitting and the fitting of hoses to PU417. Thanks to Bob Newcombe, Mark Vodden, John Glover and John Jarman for their contribution today.



55008 goes flying


Stuart Page provides an update on yesterday’s activities:

With my time taken up looking after the twin cab Deltics, younger volunteers have devised a plan to complete the final restoration required on cab of The Green Howards. Last weeks removal of the swan neck and back axle of the low loader allowed the cab to be temporary rehoused where the volunteers mess coach, which departed for its new home at the Wensleydale Railway a few weeks ago, was situated. Once moved to its permanent location the final part of the jigsaw will be to reactivate 55008 as a simulator.

We are delighted also today to receive the new volunteer’s accommodation. A donation received by one of our dedicated volunteers paid for the majority of the cost of the cabin and transport. It is now placed on the land between where the coach was and the DPS depot. Within minutes the services were plug in and ready for use. A big thankyou from the DPS Board.

Final preparations were made to 55019 in readiness for the permanent removal of the steam boiler on Wednesday. The boiler roof section requires some major work over the next few months before the loco goes back into traffic.


Above: Ray Ekins and Darrell Marsh looking over the new volunteer’s cabin.

Volunteer’s View – December 10th 2016

Another update from Graham Clarke:

It was a very good day at Barrow Hill yesterday. A major step was made with the two replacement traction motor cables fitted to no.2 end. The cable pulling sock and purpose made lubricant worked a treat. I experienced how much force it took to remove the old cables and heard the tales of six people needed to change a cable on D9009 during its overhaul. The right tools and materials make the difference. There are six cables to go in at no.1 end and these will get done in the next few weeks, due to Xmas. I also finished rewiring the no.1 end start control contactor. Thanks to Pete and Howard for their help with this potentially difficult task.

Geoff worked on refurbishing the footsteps into the engine room and blocking up the holes around the jacking pockets that allow brake dust to be sucked into the main generator. Metallic dust and electricity are not a good match!

Steve worked on vacuuming out around and under the control cubicles and providing added muscle power for cable pulling. I don’t know where all the muck comes from.

The restoration of no.8′s cab will take a step forward with a crane lift next Monday and the redundant parts of the life expired trailer were cut off this week by Sheaf Engineering (thanks very much). At the same time, the new welfare cabin will go into place. Warmth at last.

Volunteer’s View – December 3rd 2016

Graham Clarke spent another day working at Barrow Hill:

It was a successful day at Barrow Hill on the 3rd. The Roundhouse had an event on; Brake Van rides and the like. The site was busy as a result. Colin, Geoff and I were there, with Ray appearing later in the afternoon bearing gifts of track screws and tools, mostly donated to BH. A contractor also made a start on finishing off D9015′s foot steps and jacking point doors. That’s the last bodywork job to complete the re-skin.

More cable tray covers were fitted, further roof drains were fitted, Geoff found and dealt with a couple of missed dirty rusty bits in the corners of the engine room and I mostly finished rewiring the no.1 start control contactor. It will be done next week. Things are moving now towards completing D9015.

Volunteer’s View – November 26th 2016

Another weekend at Barrow Hill, from Graham Clarke:

Good progress was made at Barrow Hill again last Saturday. The last of the old boiler wiring was removed and the no.2 auxiliary generator field connections were reconnected in the correct order by Pete. Steve carried on fitting cable tray covers. Colin started fitting the roof drains to the to the engine room walls. Geoff was busy fitting rubber strips to the sharp edges around the cable trays to protect the cables from chafing. Neil and Nat worked on the cab of 55008, Beth worked on power units fitting fuel pumps and working out how to change the main output shaft seal (an overhauled generator will be ruined by a leaking seal that’s around 30 year’s old). And Howard helped me rig up a large fan heater in no.15′s engine room, because it’s getting cold now and we are waiting for the new mess cabin to be installed. I carried on replacing cables with in-line splices that go to the no.1 start control contactor

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