D9009 moving to Burton – Wednesday 7th March

As announced at the DPS Annual General Meeting on Saturday, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is planned to run to from the National Railway Museum to Nemesis Rail at Burton on Wednesday 7th March, where it have its air tanks re-certified prior to returning to the DPS depot at Barrow Hill. Leaving York at lunchtime, expected timings for the move can now be found HERE.

“Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter’ Update

52A Tours advise that ‘tables for two’ in First Class are now fully booked, and First Class accommodation in compartments is now in very limited supply. Seats remain available in Standard Class and First Class (Open) vehicles. For more details concerning this tour, which features haulage behind D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ from Newcastle to King’s Cross and back, please visit 52A Tours’ website by clicking HERE. Remember, if you are a DPS member, you can obtain a £5 discount on the advertised fares (one discounted ticket per member).

DPS Annual General Meeting – Saturday 3rd March

DPS members are reminded that the society’s 2018 Annual General Meeting takes place this Saturday (March 3rd) at the National Railway Museum, York.  Formal proceedings begin at 11.00. After the lunch break (which will be from around 13.00-14.00), there will be a speaker followed by a Memorabilia Sale.


D9009 to star at ELR ’40s @ 60′ event

We are pleased to announce that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is due to appear at the East Lancashire Railway’s ’40s @ 60′ event on April 13-15. The event, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Class 40s, should feature five members of the Class in action, with the three residents (40106/135/145) from our friends at the Class 40 Preservation Society being joined by 40012 and D213. Pioneer D200 will be hopefully on display. D9009 and 50015 ‘VALIANT’ will be providing English Electric support. For more details, please visit the ELR Website by CLICKING HERE.

Volunteer’s View – February 17th & 24th 2018

A round up from Graham Clarke:

This is a synopsis of the last two weeks at Barrow Hill.

Refurbishment of the buffer mountings, the aluminium packing pieces and cowls has continued thanks to Geoff, Ray and Steve. The packing pieces need attention. One is ok, 2 are cracked and one is scrap. The scrap one has been replaced and the cracked ones will be welded.

2 air tanks been fitted to no.2 end by Chris.

Mike has completed both 15’s compressors, including washing out the intercoolers and moisture drain valves.

Power unit 451’s phasing gearbox is now ready to come off thanks to Pete, Dave, Mick and Mick.

Howard and I have completed fitting no.3 traction motor terminal box and are working on the last set of cables to no.1 terminal box. Missing parts were a problem, but I eventually managed to find enough parts.

Midweek 19 had is silencers and roof removed, lagging taken off, silencers put back on to check for a good fit and finally everything taken off. Thanks to Darrell and his team and HNRC for helping get this important job done. As we thought, the lagging is much too thick and will need remaking.

Alex and I have completed our Personal Track Safety training, hence I was not able to report last week.
Thanks again to you all.


Now available from DPS Sales

New in stock from DPS Sales is Locomaster Profiles’ “Traction 2017 Part 2′, featuring our own D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on the front cover on its freight working for DB Schenker in October. The DVD, running to 100 minutes, covers many of the events from the second half of the year including various other preserved diesels such as 40145 and 50007/49.

The DVD is priced at £19.95 can be ordered in one of three  ways:

1. E-mail sales@thedps.co.uk with details of the items you would like and your phone number. DPS Sales will then call you back for more details and to obtain your payment details.

2. Phone Darrell on 01302-888100.

3. Print out the order form which can be downloaded HERE then post your order to: DPS Sales, 18 Kempton Drive, Dunsville, Doncaster, DN7 4QA.


Volunteer’s View – February 10th 2018

Another update from Graham Clarke:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill, work continued on 55015 and power units. 15’s buffers came off last week for overhaul and new springs. Thanks Tom and Geoff. New couplings arrived midweek thanks to Darrell. The old ones are 1982 originals, but are badly worn.a fundraising opportunity perhaps?

Power Units 430, 451 and 417 received attention. 430 and 451 are having their phasing gearboxes prepared for removal. This is to facilitate changing the main output shaft oil seals and hoses inside the triangle of cylinder blocks that are completely inaccessible otherwise. Oil from leaking main output shaft seals damages main generator insulation and the hoses are a ticking time bomb leading to a steamy failure and a power unit change! Thanks to Pete, Mick P, Mick C and Steve.

One of 15’s compressors was completed and is nearly ready to go in. If the crane will reach, this could be next week. Thanks Mike.

Bob and Mark worked on sorting out and preparing air tank fittings. This is a fiddly job that saves masses of installation time. Thanks

Martin and Ray did some foundation work under our mess cabins to facilitate the building inspector. They also helped with the air tank work. Thanks.

I fitted the end connections to 3 new cables going to 15’s no.3 traction motor. I was well chuffed, but running late yesterday.

Thanks again to you all.

Volunteer’s View – February 3rd 2018

An update on activities at the DPS depot on February 3rd from  Graham Clarke:

A story of success and failure. Unfortunately, the planned removal of 55019’s centre roof panel and exhaust silencers did get done. Barrow Hill had kindly arranged for us to use Rampart’s ‘A’ Frame crane that was not tall enough to manage the lift. Thanks to Barrow Hill and Rampart for their assistance. We are now looking at other options when we will have a crane on site.

A start was made on preparing another compressor to replace one motor n 55019. One of the installed ones is worn out and the piston rings are blowing by. The symptom is emulsified oil that looks something like mayonnaise (that’s made by emulsifying egg white and vegetable oil). The cylinder heads were taken off to clean and check the valves and cylinder bores. Everything looks okay. Th the existing motor will be serviced and reused, as the ‘new’ compressor does not have one.

A full day’s work was done on our spare power units, particularly starting to remove the phasing gear case from unit 451. This is to allow the replacement of the main output shaft oil seals and coolant hoses that are inside the triangle of cylinder blocks and can’t be replaced any other way. The existing ones are getting on for 40 years old. We have lived on borrowed time for too long.

Inside 55015 more work was done to replace the no. 2 end lighting wiring. Underneath, the flexible conduits to no.6 traction motor connection box were completed, the 4A Cable had the nipple soldered on and the no.4 traction motor connection box was fitted. No.2 end is now completed.

The exhausters for 55015 were also cleaned ready to fit and work continued on sorting fittings and installing air tanks.

55008’s cab was worked on and sales stock was organised.

A big thanks to Pete S, Steve P, Jon D, Mick C, Martin E, Steve N, Dave G, Mike H-R, Geoff B, Adrian N-G, Steve M, Bob N, Stuart P, Chris H, Pete V, Darrell M, Nat M + one and I hope that’s everyone. Sorry, if I missed anyone. Thank you very much indeed for your hard work. 19 people contributed in total, which is probably a record for a single day.

55019 to star in KWVR 50th Anniversary Gala

The Deltic Preservation Society and Keighley & Worth Valley Railway are delighted to announce that 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will be visiting the line for its 50th Anniversary Gala and will be in action on the railway on June 30th and July 1st. As well as being the line’s 50th Anniversary, 2018 marks 30 years since the KWVR held its first diesel gala, which had a ‘Deltic presence in the form of 55015 ‘TULYAR’ and 55016 ‘GORDON HIGHLANDER’.

‘The Deltic Deviator’ – Saturday 29th September

Pathfinder Tours has now released full details of its next tour featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’, which will run on Saturday 29th September. The tour will take D9009 over various diversionary routes – the Durham Coast, Blyth & Tyne and Tyne Valley – as well as the scenic Settle & Carlisle line on the return journey.  The tour starts, Class 68 hauled, at Willington, and picks up at Ilkeston, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Moorthorpe and York where D9009 takes over for the journey north.

Full details regarding ‘The Deltic Deviator’ can be found HERE. We are pleased to advise that DPS members can benefit from a £5 reduction on the advertised fares on this tour. Please note that this discount cannot be applied to bookings made online, and it will not be possible to issue refunds once a booking has been made. To obtain the discount, please book direct with the Pathfinder Office (by post, phone or fax) giving your names/DPS membership number(s) of each person you are booking for and a discount of £5 will be given per member (note – this is valid for members only and there is one £5 discount per membership number).

Post -  Pathfinder Tours, Stag House, Gydynap Lane, Inchbrook, Woodchester, Gloucestershire, GL5 5EZ. A printable booking form can be obtained by CLICKING HEREPhone – Tel (01453) 835414 or (01453) 834477. Fax – (01453) 834053.

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