Volunteer’s View – February 25th 2017

Graham Clarke writes:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill were: Steve x 3, Pete x 2, Mick, Tom, Beth, Nigel, Mike and I.  Thank you very much for your hard work.

To summarise things, the following took place.  PU430 is now ready to have the generator removed (there’s a bit of logistics to that with splitting stands).   PU417 had work done to remove and refurbish main generator brush boxes.  The NRM unit had more stripping done, ready for separating B cyli…nder bank.

Old boilers were liberated and put in a convenient place ready to go to a collector.  TULYAR’S old complete and working when removed boiler has been retained.  it’s not likely we will put a boiler into any of the locos again, because there is no extra revenue available from doing it and steam pipes will also need replacing, due to corrosion.  Also, D9009 has radio equipment in the space now, hopefully D9015 will be the same one day and 55019′s steam pipe will be shot and need changing.

Further wiring work was done on D9015′s no.1 cab lighting, with most of the new wires now pulled in.  I completed looming up where wires have been replaced that go from the low air pressure switch (ACG2) to the far side of the no.2 cubicle.  You can fit cable ties one handed, but my hands and arms were tired yesterday, so I’m glad it’s done.

Volunteer’s View – February 18th 2017

More from Graham Clarke at Barrow Hill:

It was a productive day last Saturday at Barrow Hill. 55019 had it’s no.1 end traction motor blower air intake grills removed and further cleaning and rubbing down of paint work at the other end. The grills from no. 1 end and the surrounding body work are in much better condition than the other ends were and only a small amount of welding is needed in the corners of the body side apertures. It’s well worth catching it now, before it gets worse. The grills will also look better for being stripped and repainted. Thanks to Stuart, Adrian and Tom.

Geoff continued working his magic on 55019′s nose too doors. They will need welding in the corners, because corrosion has pushed up the corners and that lets the weather in, leading to corrosion in the nose end. This is a particular problem at no.2 end, because it does not get coated in a film of oil like no.1 end does. The vacuum exhausters for the vacuum brakes tend to give off an oil mist that stops the worst of any corrosion at that end.

I had a bit of a tedious morning with Ray sorting out and starting the forklift, although we now have a decent battery charger for it. And I patched up a Dewalt drill, a professional tool that you can’t easily replace the motor brushes on. How ridiculous is that?

I did manage to replace a P24 wire on 15 that had been extended with a crimped joint on the S4 starting contactor interlocks, remove some redundant wires and loom most of the wiring around the train heating (ETS) contactors that I had to take to pieces over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, I won’t get side tracked so much next Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered last Saturday.

Tour availability update

Pathfinder Tours advise that Standard, First and First Plus seats are all fully booked on ‘The Hull & Leeds Executive’ with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on Saturday May 6th. A handful of seats remain available in Premier Dining. Please note that due to operating constraints the tour will no longer pick up or set down at Sheffield. Full details regarding the trip can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Seats are still available on ‘The Welsh Central Liner’ from Burton and the Midlands to the Central Wales line and Shrewsbury on Saturday June 17th. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Volunteer’s View – February 11th 2017

Another update from Graham Clarke on what’s been going on at the DPS depot:

It was a very productive day at Barrow Hill last Saturday.  There were 13 signatures on the signing on sheet.

Thanks to Pete, Steve x3, Mick x2, Martin, Jonathan, Beth, Nigel, Tom and Ray.  Thanks to you all for your support!and hard work.

55019 had paintwork rubbed down and cleaning in no.2 nose end.

The NRM’s spare marine engine had its phasing gearbox removed (it connects the 3 crankshafts together) and more stripping done to allow the removal of B cylinder block, hopefully to go into the damaged power unit in D9002.

Injector pockets were removed from the DPS’ spare power unit 430 for cleaning and seal replacement.  This is a tricky job, but essential before the unit can be used again after 30 years.  Ray and I worked out how to take the main output shaft out of 451 to replace the oil seals that failed and led to the early failure of the main generator due to oil ingress and insulation failure.  417 had a start made on brush gear refurbishment.

I managed to run in new wires from a train heating and starting contactor to the low air pressure protection switch in 15′s no.2 control cubicle.  There are a number of wires to change next weekend that go to the start control contactor and pressure switch, but these only go a short distance to terminal strips on the cubicle walls.  Hopefully, I can have it finished by next Saturday evening.

Sheaf Engineering has also prepared the refurbished axle boxes, bearings and covers ready to go to the South Devon Railway for fitting to the re-tyred wheelsets.  We’re getting nearer to a fully refurbished set of bogies now!

Volunteer’s View – February 4th 2017

Graham Clarke wasn’t at Barrow Hill, but has still managed to compile a report:

I was at York yesterday at Society Board Meeting.  It’s an exciting year ahead!  It’s also AGM time soon, so watch this space.

Back at Barrow Hill later.  Work continues on 55019 with Geoff stripping nose top doors for corrosion repairs an Stuart stripping a sample of the inner boiler roof skin to assess what rotten metal needs replacing..  It’s a bit of a mess in places.

Beth, Nigel, Tom and Nat were working on power units and parts of 8′s cab.

Thanks one and all!

Volunteer’s View – January 28th 2017

Graham Clarke’s update:

At Barrow Hill over the weekend, it was power unit work for Beth and Tom, as well as taking the engine air intake filters out of 19 for a clean.   They are not too bad, much to my surprise.

8′s cab got further attention to its parts to make it look presentable from Neil and Nat.

Geoff completed assembling the engine room step structure on 15 and began preparing a nose top door from 19 for welding and repainting.

Peter carried on rewiring 15′s no.1 cab lighting.  I carried on with rewiring the no.2 end start control contactor and control air pressure switch.  The latter stops the locomotive taking power, if there is not enough air to operate the the big air operated motor and ETH contactors at that end of the loco.  Some of the wires go through the middle of the cubicle, just to make it interesting.

Volunteer’s View – Saturday 21st January 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Saturday at Barrow Hill was very busy. The volunteer signing on sheet was completely full of signatures! This is a great turnout and I won’t try to name everyone, because I’ll miss someone. Thank you all very much.

Summarising the work done:

Power unit 417, which was last used in D9009 in 2003 and failed with a broken C bank camshaft drive gear, was successfully barred over. It was thoroughly checked over first and well lubricated. It was tight to start with, but went with some careful levering of the crankshafts.

55019 had the second compressor and no.2 end fire extinguisher cylinders removed to facilitate nose floor repairs.

55015 had more work done on the no.1 end cab lighting wiring and the no.2 end start control contactor and control air pressure switch wiring. Old wiring with inline crimp repairs is being replaced.

Power, light and heating requirements for conversion of the old power unit store to a display area were also discussed with one of the volunteers who is an electrical contractor.

It was a very productive day and a credit to all involved.

Volunteer’s View – Saturday January 14th 2017

An update from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill last Saturday, it was another productive day and the Xmas Raffle was drawn by Debbie and Tom.

A start was made in 55019′s no.2 nose compartment with Adrian and Stuart removing the top compressor and one nose top door.  The doors and the floor need attention to corrosion and wear and tear.  Debbie mostly removed one of the nose end grills that needs refitting.

Peter carried on with the cab lighting wiring in the no.1 cab of 55015, while Mike worked on air tank d…rains again in no.2 nose compartment.  I started replacing spliced wires in no.2 control cubicle around the start control contactor.  There is more to do than I thought and fiddly taped wiring looms to undo.  What a job it is, but it has to done.

Steve the sheet metal contractor also came again to look at the foot steps and jacking pocket doors on the other side of 15.

‘Hull & Leeds Executive’ Seating Update

This tour with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ has been booking very well, and as of today, there are no First Class seats remaining and a very limited number of First Class Plus seats. In addition Standard Class and Premier Dining seats are down to the last coach in each – so, if you wish to travel, please don’t leave it too late to book! Full details regarding the tour can be found on Pathfinder Tours website by CLICKING HERE.

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