55019 prepared for Nene Valley visit

Stuart Page writes:

On 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’, final checks were concluded on Saturday with the loco moved outside and running checks carried out. Times are still to be advised but planned movement to the Nene Valley Railway is on Wednesday 28th August.

UPDATE 27/08: Timings for the move, which leaves Barrow Hill just after 12.00 and runs via Toton, Loughborough and Melton Mowbray to the NVR have now been received and can be found HERE.

The photo below, by Darrell Marsh, shows the second power unit being started up.


55019 on ‘Train Truckers’

A new series starts on TV channel Yesterday next week,  and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ features in the episode due to be shown at 21.00 on Thursday 12th September, following its visit to the Spa Valley Railway last year. The full schedule for the six episodes is as follows:

29th August – Classic Steam Locomotive
Britannia 70000 and Class 230

5th September – Giant Royal Locomotive
5199 Prairie, 7822 Foxcote Manor and Class 66

12th Sept – Mega Freight
Deltic 55019 and CAF Class 195

19th Sept – Railway Mega Machines
Standard 5 73096 and Rail Crane Cowans Sheldon 50 Tonne Jib

26th Sept – High Speed Super Train
Hitachi and S160

3rd Oct – Colossal Coastal
Tamping Machine and Class 37 37275

Volunteer’s View – August 3rd & 10th

Graham Clarke writes:

Over the past couple of Saturdays at the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill.

55019 has had some last minute titivation, ready to go to the Nene Valley Railway near Peterborough. Thanks to Geoff, Stuart, Wizz and Steve. I hope I’ve not missed anyone. It looks really smart, but with a nice patina that only use can bring.

Further time has gone into tidying stock and moving sales items into the old power unit house. It’s much cleaner and drier. Thanks to Mike, Ray, Darrell and Sam.

The cab team have been very busy and during the week on D9008. The parts are smartening up nicely ready for rebuilding in not too long now. Thanks to Nat, Nigel, Bob, Martin, Mark, Trevor, etc.

On 55015, the fuel tanks are now virtually complete. There is a broken stud to remove and it’s tricky. Drilling it is very difficult, because the stud is hard steel in a soft hole made of aluminium. Does anyone know of a spark eroder we could borrow? On the good news front, all of the internal and external lights are now working properly and with a reasonable insulation resistance to earth. As Nigel put it, it’s nice to see some life in her. Thanks to Pete and Mike for jobs well done.

Volunteer’s View – July 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

An update from the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill. It’s been a while since my last update, mostly due to holidays and catching up.

Firstly, I’ll do my best to credit people, but I don’t know exactly who’s done what, so I am likely to miss someone out. Please don’t be offended, everyone’s contribution is very welcome and appreciated.

55019 has been cleaned and polished, mostly by Geoff and Steve. It’s looks the part for the NVR next month. Stuart and Wizz were attending to few odds and ends on Saturday.

The midweek guys have been very busy working on preparing the cab of 55008 and it’s fittings. I’m afraid I am not exactly sure who did what, so apologies for that.

Mick and Martin are still working on pipe work repairs in 55015’s nose ends. It’s quite a fiddly job, but it’s essential to the reliability and proper function of the air system.

Mike and Ray have been tidying the stores and disposing of junk. It’s a thankless task, but needs doing. How many spare oil radiators have we got?

Darrell has been busy managing his stores and slowly moving it into old power unit house with Sam’s help. Some of the bigger things will have to wait for new and bigger doors that are planned. The power unit house one is very rusty and does not fit very well since we took the end off the building to liberate the power units.

In 55015 Steve and Dave have fitted the air intake trim strips that line up with the ones on the cooling modules. This has allowed the air intake covers to go on. Everything has been sealed to prevent air leaks and water getting behind the trim strips and causing corrosion.

Pete has now mostly completed the rewire of no.2 cab lights. Everything now works, including the engine room lights. It now needs fully testing to make sure everything is connected to the right switches and fuses. Stuart is ordering new light bulbs, which are a specialist item nowadays, as most things are LED now and we want it to look right.

Mick, Pete and Dave have fitted a serviced Governor to PU451 and prepared it for a timing check. Our old friend and 50 year’s plus Deltic expert Mike is coming to show us how it’s done. We intend to video the proceedings to have a record for the future.

Thank you very much to everyone for their support, interest and hard work. I hope I’ve managed to capture everything and I’ve not missed too much or too many out?

Volunteer’s View – June 16th 2019

Graham Clarke writes:

Thanks to Nigel and Beth (see report below) for a great job on the route indicator for no.2 end of 55015. I’m impressed by Nigel’s knowledge of this cantankerous and ridiculously over complicated thing.

Elsewhere in the depot, Geoff was busy painting cab side footsteps and fitting new hardwood kick strips.

Pete, Howard and Mia completed the instrument lights in the no.2 cab of 55015. A little later I found some more fuses and managed to fire up the complete lighting system for the first time. Finding 110V bulbs of the right 40W rating is proving a challenge, so it’s a bit of a hotchpotch for now.

Everything, is working, but there is a wire off somewhere among the engine room lights. They don’t switch on and off from all for corners as they should. Hopefully, this is a minor problem.

I’m slowly get into reconnecting and testing the rest of the electrical equipment.

It was also good to meet Nigel J yesterday, who worked on one of D9008’s cab doors.

Thanks all very much.

Nigel Lacy on the headcode blinds:

Bit of a different task after completing 55019 cab , task was headcode box for 55015 , once this task has been completed 15 will have both headcode boxes working correctly, after having some experience helping my dad when he took on the task of sorting 22’s(nought) & 16’s it only made sense that myself and Bethany Marshsort this out , first job clean and check all parts (ongoing).

Volunteer’s View – June 8th 2019

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill, Pete and Mick were fitting retaining bolts inside power unit 451 and fitting an oil pump. Pete wishes he’d fit it before the phasing gearbox went back on! It was very awkward to get to the studs! Thanks.

The body side grab handles were sorted out, fixings found and a start was made fitting them to the interior of 55015. Thanks Mike and Steve.

I worked with Steve on the cooling module hatches and special fastenings. There is a big task to get everything fitted and all the 1/4 turn fasteners working. Steve now has the spare fasteners and knows what to do. The few damaged roof drain adaptors will be replaced with newly fabricated ones at the same time.

Young Alex was busy painting ETH just jumper boxes in orange. He’s getting good with the paint brushes. Thanks!

All in all, another successful day in clearing lingering issues and moving things forward. Thanks all.

Also, over the past couple of weeks Mike has been dealing with Trent Instruments who have overhauled and supplied new gauges for 55015. Thanks for a first class job and see the attached photo. New ammeters are on the way!


55019 stars at Crewe Open Day

Yesterday saw 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ on display at the ‘All Change’ Open Day event at Crewe diesel depot, along with some 40 plus other exhibits (including a rare chance to see Locomotive Services two Deltics, D9016 ‘GORDON HIGHLANDER’ and 55022 ‘ROYAL SCOTS GREY’).

55019 is, of course, no stranger to Crewe, having been based at the Carriage Shed on the opposite side of the main line during the VSOE years (1999-2000). During this period, the loco and D9009 regularly visited Crewe Diesel Depot for fuelling.


55019 move to Crewe – timings

Planned timings for the move of 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ from the Severn Valley Railway to Crewe tomorrow afternoon are now available and can be found HERE. It should be coming north behind GBRf liveried 50049 ‘DEFIANCE’, supplied by our friends in the Class 50 Alliance.

Volunteer’s View – May 25th/26th & June 1st/2nd

Graham Clarke’s latest report from Barrow Hill and beyond:

I think it’s about time for an update from the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill and elsewhere.

55019 has completed a successful visit to the Severn Valley Railway, including the Diesel Gala and several day’s of footplate experience duties. A big thank to the SVR for inviting us and for being generous hosts. I’m sure there will be many opportunities to work together in future and I’ll look forward to that. 55019 is off to Crewe Open Day, then back home, before going to the Nene Valley Railway later in the year.

At Barrow Hill, there’s been progress with the cab of 55008. Thanks to Neil, Nat, Beth and Nigel.

Geoff’s been busy painting a cab sound baffle board from 55015’s no.2 cab and a foot step that was painted in a hurry for the gathering at Shildon. Thanks.

Mike and Ray have made a good start at tidying the stores of material we don’t need, mostly because it’s not Deltic.

I’ve been busy tracing control wiring on 55015 so that I know where all the negatives go. This will make isolating any problems I find very much easier, because I will be able to quickly isolate groups of circuits from the supply and the negative. It’s normally a right pain, especially if you get a problem on the negative side, because they are all connected and go everywhere. Getting 55015’s wiring connected and tested is my main job now for the rest of the Summer.

Martin and Mick have been working in replacing damaged air pipes in 55015’s nose ends.

In the background, Mike and I have been sorting out new route indicator and windscreen seals. Mike’s done the leg work I can’t do, due to work and this is a huge help. Steve P is also very helpful as well sourcing parts. This week, 55015’s cab gauges are away being professionally rebuilt to nearly new condition. The supplier Trent Instruments is also helping with missing old style gauges and an ammeter.

Thanks again to you all.

55019 to attend Crewe Open Day

We are pleased to confirm that 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will be attending the ‘All Change’ Open Day being organised by Virgin Trains at Locomotive Services’ depot at Crewe on Saturday 8th June. 55019 is due to be moved from Kidderminster to Crewe on Friday 7th June and will star among more than 30 other exhibits at the site -including D9016 ‘GORDON HIGHLANDER’ and 55022 ROYAL SCOTS GREY’.

Please note this is a ticket only event and it is not possible to turn up and ‘pay on the day’. For more details, please CLICK HERE.

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