D9009 move Burton to ELR – April 9th 2018

Following work on its air tanks, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be leaving Burton tomorrow morning (April 9th), collecting several locos on its journey to the East Lancashire Railway in readiness for next weekend’s “40s@60″ event, celebrating 60 years of the EE Class 40s.

D9009 will first run to the GCR(N) at Ruddington to collect a Class 47 which is moving to the ELR, then pay a brief visit to Barrow Hill where 40012 ‘AUREOL’ and D213 ‘ANDANIA’ will be added to the convoy. Then its up to York to collect D200 before heading to Bury where the locos should arrive just before 20.00.

Booked timings for the movements can be found at these links: Burton to GCR(N) ; GCR(N) to Barrow Hill ; Barrow Hill to York NRM ; York NRM to ELR. Obviously, the moves tomorrow are quite complex, and there is the possibility they could run early or late. The links to the Open Train Times site above should provide ‘live’ train information on progress on the day.

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