D9009 hauls ELR Class 40 convoy

In preparation for this weekend’s forthcoming ’40s@60′ event, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ took three Class 40s (D200, D213 ‘ANDANIA’ and 40012 ‘AUREOL’ to the East Lancashire Railway today, plus 47765 from Ruddington. In the picture below, the convoy is seen at Colton South Junction after collecting the locos from the GCR(N), Barrow Hill and the National Railway Museum.

D9009, along with 50015 ‘VALIANT’, will be providing a supporting ‘EE’ role alongside the five operational Class 40s at the ELR  this weekend (D200 will be appearing in a static capacity). Full details regarding the event, with a timetable/loco roster, can be found HERE . Do join us and everyone else involved for what should be a fantastic weekend!


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