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New bogies obtained for ‘Tulyar’

The DPS is pleased to announced that a set of cast bogies, which it is hoped will be capable of 100 mph operation after overhaul, have been acquired from CF Booth at Rotherham and arrived at Barrow Hill earlier today. The bogies, which will be put under D9015 ‘Tulyar’ in due course, have been exchanged for a scrap pair which have been sent away for scrap.

The pictures below show delivery of the new items, which are very important in completing the overhaul of D9015. Special thanks go to the Barrow Hill team for their support and assistance.

Arriving from Booth’s scrapyard.


After unloading.


Stood outside the DPS depot after being shunted across.

Appeal to finish ‘Tulyar’

As most people will know, D9015 ‘Tulyar’ is in the final stages of an extensive and lengthy overhaul. We are desperately seeking funds to raise the money necessary to complete the repairs. Our Head of Mechanical Engineering & Education Officer, Alex Williams, has come up with a ‘Pint & Packet of Crisps’ appeal to finish ‘Tulyar’, and supporters are invited to set up a Standing Order to donate a suitable amount, or whatever you can afford, towards the completion of the loco. A Standing Order form, which should be printed out and sent to Peter Kennan at the address at the bottom, can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Many thanks in advance for your support.


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