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Volunteer’s View – June 6th

Graham Clarke’s report from June 6th on going’s on at Barrow Hill:

It was a cleaning day at Barrow Hill yesterday. The underside of 55015 above the bogies was thoroughly steam cleaned yesterday. It will get another go next week, as it will be dry and will allow any places missed to be seen. After that it’s painting time and fitting new traction motor cables. Bethany Marsh was busy in the power unit house. Much junk was also identified for disposal to allow more tidying of the depot. Thanks to Neil, Geoff, Ray, Beth, Darrell and Mike.

Volunteer’s View – May 30th

A report from yesterday by Graham Clarke:

There were only three of us at Barrow Hill today; Steve, Mike and I. We still made major progress though. D9015′s fuel tanks are done and have been water tested today. It’s a lot less messy than diesel, if there is a leak and there are none at all. The tanks will be left filled up for a while to make sure everything is definitely ok. Well done Mike for a job well done.

Steve and I put the recently delivered and ready to fit air tanks onto pallets and put them in the stores for temporary storage. Rebuilding of the nose ends will start shortly. As part of sorting out the tanks, we also tidied up the area around the front of the stores and the workshop. In the process we found something incredibly rare; a clean, tidy and empty workbench! I’m sure it will end up like a bomb site very quickly. Why would you put your rubbish away when you have finished work? I’m not grumpy about it, honest. I also fixed the leaking (no not smoking) gun on the steam cleaner.

It was a good day today. Thanks Mike and Steve.

Volunteer’s View – May 23rd

Graham Clarke reports on last weekend:

There were about a dozen volunteers at Barrow Hill today.  Too many to name individually to be honest.  Quite a lot’s been achieved today.  This includes: pressure testing fuel injector adapters on the sick engine on 55002 to see if a leaking one is causing the cooling system to pressurise; working on power unit 430; cleaning coolant pipes ready for painting; fixing new racking to the floor; removing brake valves from 55015 for overhaul; blanking holes in the floor ready for …steam cleaning 55015 underneath and finally finding a solution for the flexible conduits that go to nos. 1 and 6 traction motor connection boxes.

The brake valves removed will initially go to D9009 and those from it to 55015 once they have also been refurbished.

The air reservoirs for no.15 are due back next week ready to fit.  We are pricing up the completion of the bogies, new tyres and traction motor refurbishment at the moment.  Things are really starting to move now, but fundraising is going to be a challenge and we need to rise to that like never before.

Thank you to everyone for your support yesterday.  It is very much appreciated.

Volunteer’s View – May 9th

Back at Barrow Hill this week…

It was a day of progress on a number of fronts at Barrow Hill yesterday. Our spare power units had attention to coax 423 to turn over, which it still won’t, but is showing some early signs it might. The traction motors for ‘TULYAR’ were moved into the stores making space in the workshop. I helped the KOYLI Group a bit to remove the AB crankshaft from the marine unit and I worked on the conduits for the replacement traction motor cables on 15. It’s a bit awkward adapt the old imperial flexibles to modern 40mm fittings. Thanks to Beth, Darrell, Pete, Steve, Martin and Liam.

Graham Clarke

Volunteer’s View – 15/11/14

The latest from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill today were Tom Payne, Ray, Robin, Alexander Williams and I. More tidying up around the stores and in the workshop area was completed ready for moving engines around, the Warflat wagon with two spare power units on it was made ready to move with the units strapped down and I fitted the battery isolating switch and main lighting switch into no.15. They still need connecting up.

Volunteer’s View – 1st & 8th November

Two more reports from Barrow Hill, courtesy of Graham Clarke:

Saturday 1st November
I’ve been at Barrow Hill with Melvyn and Tom. Cleaning the second voltage regulator has started thanks to Tom. Melvyn painted some air pipes and the box that is under the battery isolating switch (BIS). This will allow me to fit the BIS and the main lighting switch for good and connect them up. I’ve finally found a solvent that will clean off all the old carbonated varnish and crap from the electrical panels and cabling. It’s intended for UPVC windows, but it does the job. You have to use it sparingly though. I’ve also tried out our new calibrated insulation tester, which is great. It’s a proper Fluke one.

Saturday 8th November
Yesterday at Barrow Hill with Steve Smedley, Steve McRae, and Ray; a lot of tidying up was done, we worked out a way to lift complete power units on and off the floor without spending a fortune, most of the remaining crud from under no.2 nose end was cleaned off and I did some more very successful cleaning of the switchgear panels at no.2 end. Under the loco is now almost ready for steam cleaning and painting. All the tidying up is ready for re-arranging our various engines and power units. After trying all manner of cleaning agents, I’m delighted to have found something that removes all the dirty old varnish. It now looks properly clean.

Volunteer’s view – 25th October

Another report courtesy of Graham Clarke:

We got a fair bit done today at Barrow Hill. Steve carried on removing crud from under no.2 nose (and a dead bird!), Geoff worked on engine room door frames, Darrell prepared some pipes from the spare power units for painting, Tom carried on deep cleaning voltage regulator terminal bars (and the cover off the ex Crepello one) and I spent the day changing old cables at no.2 end.

I need to get a calibrated insulation tester that I know is accurate, because it’s proving difficult to get insulation readings up to a good standard. Even deep cleaning does not appear to make much difference. EE just did not do enough to keep the oil and carbon from the engines out of the electrics and it’s taken its toll on the equipment. The situation is reasonable at best. My intention remains to achieve the standard set in the ex works specification that BR worked to. It remains to be seen how much more wiring a equipment will need replacing. Fingers crossed!

Volunteer’s View – 02/08/14

One of our occasional reports from Barrow Hill, this time from Graham Clarke on August 2nd which shows that it isn’t all physical work on the locos:

There was only me at Barrow Hill today. Ray came for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I did some important paperwork, sold a model and marked a spare wiring diagram with all the points that are disconnected on 55015. This was done as part of re-wiring and finding the cause of poor insulation readings. I’m grateful to Charlie for keeping excellent records and passing them on when he left. I’m also going to annotate the cables that have been replaced. This will help with testing. So, steadily no.15 is moving towards the finish and the control system will start coming to life over the coming weeks.

‘Tulyar’ lift at DPS depot

Following the arrival of a new set of bogies for D9015 ‘Tulyar’ last week, the loco was lifted at the DPS depot yesterday to enable its worn bogies to be removed and also to allow work to continue on the traction motor cabling. It will also permit more underside work to be carried out.  The loco now stands on a set of jacks in the DPS depot.

In the photo below, supplied by Graham Clarke, three of those involved in the lift (Alex Williams, Graham Clarke and Ray Ekins) stand in front of the loco after a hard day’s work.


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