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Volunteer’s View – May 20th 2017

Another report courtesy of Graham Clarke….

At Barrow Hill 55015 took a major step forward. The remaining 6 traction motor cables were pulled into the conduits under the no.1 end of the loco and routed to the right locations in the control cubicle. This took a major team effort and could have been much more difficult than it turned out to be. Good preparation, cleanliness and purpose made lubricant made a difference. It was very gratifying to photograph everyone in front of the loco, lights on and job done. A huge thank you to Bradley, Pete, Bob, Tom and Mike.

Elsewhere, Geoff was painting nose top doors and fitting them with new seals. Thanks Geoff.

Nat and Neil were beavering away refurbishing no.8′s cab. Thanks Nat and Neil.

The photo shows the team who helped pull in the cables. In the middle are one of our longest serving volunteers and our newest; Mike and his grandson Bradley. Truly amazing and hard to fathom how fast time passes.

I’m going to now refit the motor terminal boxes, terminate the cables and connect it all up. Once the draw gear is stripped and checked and the bearer pads are changed. The loco will then be ready to take its refurbished bogies when they are finished.


Volunteer’s View – December 31st 2016

Graham Clarke’s last visit to Barrow Hill in 2016:

I rounded out 2016 at Barrow Hill yesterday with Adrian and Mike. Adrian and Mike sorted, cleaned and prepared air reservoir fittings ready to install air tanks during January. It’s a tedious, but essential piece of preparatory work that saves hours of messing about and makes the installation go smoothly.

I completed the rewiring of the no.1 start control contactor and loomed the wiring. It’s neat now for the first time since 1981, when it was hacked by persons unknown around Doncaster and expertly repaired to get the loco started in preservation by our friends late of Finsbury Park.

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year and say thank you very much to everyone has supported the DPS during 2016.

I’m looking forward very much to 2017. Maybe, D9015 will run again this year in the Society’s 40th year?

Volunteer’s View – December 3rd 2016

Graham Clarke spent another day working at Barrow Hill:

It was a successful day at Barrow Hill on the 3rd. The Roundhouse had an event on; Brake Van rides and the like. The site was busy as a result. Colin, Geoff and I were there, with Ray appearing later in the afternoon bearing gifts of track screws and tools, mostly donated to BH. A contractor also made a start on finishing off D9015′s foot steps and jacking point doors. That’s the last bodywork job to complete the re-skin.

More cable tray covers were fitted, further roof drains were fitted, Geoff found and dealt with a couple of missed dirty rusty bits in the corners of the engine room and I mostly finished rewiring the no.1 start control contactor. It will be done next week. Things are moving now towards completing D9015.

Volunteer’s View – November 19th 2016

Graham Clarke has been at Barrow Hill again….

Saturday was spent working on 55015′s electrics again.  The no.1 end start control contactor is being rewired, because it has inline crimped connections in the wires leading to it.  It appears that both start control contactors were removed and the wires chopped off sometime after withdrawal.  The damage was repaired by John, Pete or Graham from Finsbury Park sometime in 1986, before 55015 returned to traffic at Butterley.

As the locos electrics are in pieces, now is a good time to replace the wiring completely.  The fewer connections there are, the better it is for reliability and it just looks bad on a potential mainline locomotive.  The other start control contactor will be dealt with from next Saturday and the light switches above the driver’s head in each cab are also being rewired for the same reason.  Thanks to Tom and Howard for their help on Saturday.

Geoff worked on cable tray covers and engine mounting feet.  Sean steam cleaned them whilst he was cleaning the radiator compartment of his Class 37.  Thanks to both of you.

Volunteer’s View – September 17th 2016

It’s been quiet at Barrow Hill today with just new volunteer Peter and I there. Most others were Epping and Ongaring.

One of 15′s traction motor blowers had its terminal box finished properly. I can see why it was mysteriously unfinished! Some of the wires are just too short to go over the terminals with the terminal board in place. They have to go on before it’s screwed in and there are 4 loose metal standoffs that go under the board and through which the fixing screws pass! They had to be glued to the back of the board to stop them falling off, otherwise it was impossible to fit them. Thanks Peter for fixing this.

After lunch we completed connecting up 15′s positive and negative auxiliary power cables and tested them for correct connection and insulation resistance. They passed the tests. The positive cables go from the battery isolating switch (BIS) to one starting contactor at each end the negatives form a ring between the BIS and the two negative bus bars. There is another large negative cable that goes from each negative bus bar to the second start contactor at each end. Another cable then carries on and becomes the main negative connection to each auxiliary generator. Now, both ends of the loco are connected together again and it will allow the many control circuits to be progressively reconnected and tested.

‘Tulyar’ bogie update

We are pleased to advise that the two bogie frames earmarked for fitting to No. D9015 have been returned from a Sheffield contractor after shotblasting and painting and were returned to Barrow Hill on October 19. They are seen parked on the yellow trolley outside the depot.
The long job of fitting the myriad of all components will start soon. Several of the overhauled traction motors have also been returned for eventual fitting.

Volunteer’s View – September 5th & 12th

A report on activities over the past two weekends from Graham Clarke:

I’ve spent the last two Saturdays stripping parts off the traction generator on power unit 419.  It was changed at the NYMR in the early years after a very bad flashover.  The damage is so bad, it’s unlikely the generator will ever be used again. There’s a deep hole in the armature coils at one point and the starting winding’s insulation is badly damaged.  This was caused by some of the armature coil retaining bands coming off after the flashover and ripping up the insulation in the process.

The parts are needed to complete the overhaul of a spare generator to go on power unit 451.  This came back in pieces after the VSOE contract was cancelled.

The spare generator is from power unit 415 that is completely stripped.  It is with Sulzer Dowding and Mills for a quotation to complete it to full mainline standards.  A lot of work is already done, but there is still a lot to do.

You’ll see the main terminal bars, terminal boxes, end plate, inner and outer bearing retaining plates, shaft end plate and the old bearing in the attached photos.

Thanks to Tom, Beth and Darrell.

Steve also spent time last Saturday cleaning out a nose end on 55015 ready to take the overhauled air tanks.

The traction motors are also completed and ready to come back when people are back off holiday.

The rebuild of 55015 is really gathering pace now.  With enough funding a return to the mainline is a tantalising possibility.  We are working on it, but we need support -  if you’d like to donate, the please CLICK HERE. Thank you for all the generosity so far.


Volunteer’s View – July 25th

A belated report from Graham Clarke:

Last weekend at Barrow Hill: the depot floors were steam cleaned, a lot of priming was carried out under 55015 and I worked on building a test set for coolant temperature probes. We have had trouble with these not working when they should and when they should not. The results being respectively, hot engines and unwanted shutdowns. Remarkably, the same switch exactly is still available from Teddington Controls. That’s at least 33 years since our spares were bought! That to Tom, Geoff, Robin and Ray.

Volunteer’s View – June 27th

Graham Clarke was at Barrow Hill again on Saturday:

It was a busy day last Saturday at Barrow Hill. The BBC were there filming for a programme about the Diesel engine, one of the magazine editors was writing about D9015, much painting was done under 15, the loco’s battery charging circuit was reconnected and tested successfully and we found out all the parts we still need to start fitting air tanks.

As is always the case, there are a few areas of extra work you find that sets you back. The parts for the air tanks are one and the greasy bits behind the coupling and above the boiler tanks that still need another steam clean are another. Solving these things is all part of the fun and it makes for a good job in the end.

Thanks to: Geoff, Neil, Tom, Anna, Alex, Steve, Bob, Melvyn, Martin, Alan, Darrell and Ray. I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Volunteer’s View – June 6th

Graham Clarke’s report from June 6th on going’s on at Barrow Hill:

It was a cleaning day at Barrow Hill yesterday. The underside of 55015 above the bogies was thoroughly steam cleaned yesterday. It will get another go next week, as it will be dry and will allow any places missed to be seen. After that it’s painting time and fitting new traction motor cables. Bethany Marsh was busy in the power unit house. Much junk was also identified for disposal to allow more tidying of the depot. Thanks to Neil, Geoff, Ray, Beth, Darrell and Mike.

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