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55019 at GCR this weekend

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ moved to the Great Central Railway as planned yesterday, ready to star at the GCR Diesel Gala this weekend. The loco’s rostered turns are as follows:

Saturday 10th September: 10.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 11.15 Leicester North-Loughborough, 12.45 Loughborough-Leicester North, 13.30 Leicester North-Loughborough, 15.00 Loughborough-Leicester North, 15.45 Leicester North-Loughborough, BEEREX 19.20 Leicester North-Loughborough, BEEREX 20.35 Leicester North-Loughborough. The two BEEREX workings are being operated in topand tail mode, with 37714 hauling both trains from Loughborough-Leicester North.

Sunday 11th September: 10.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 11.15 Leicester North-Loughborough, 13.30 Loughbrough-Rothley Brook (train returns behind D5830), 16.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 17.15 Leicester North-Loughborough.

Further details and full timetables can be downloaded from the GCR website – please CLICK HERE.

Extra dates at Epping Ongar Railway

We are pleased to announce an extra couple of dates featuring 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Epping Ongar Railway. In addition to the Diesel Gala on Friday 16th-Sunday 18th September, the loco will now be used on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th October. Friday is planned to be Driver Experience in the afternoon, followed by a ‘Deltic’ hauled dining train, while the Saturday will see the loco make its final runs on the line.

More details to follow in due course!

Royal Highland Fusilier repairs

Graham Clarke has been busy again…

The field end connection is soldered to the new cable and the terminal box end fitting is removed from the old cable and cleaned. Everything’s ready for fitting on Thursday at Loughborough. I’m glad I have a blow lamp. None of my electric soldering irons are up to this job!


Kidderminster TMD signing off

Stuart Page’s final report from the SVR’s Kidderminster depot:

Two and a half months of hard work in repairing 55019, which included additional work discovered and the reason for the break down in the air pipe in the first place, concluded with the Members Day special. This didn’t go quite to plan with pre-running checks Friday evening, when the No 2 end traction motor blower junction box connections melted during the running of the locomotive. On previous 2 1/2 hr test ruining a few weeks earlier everything was fine. As per Graham’s report yesterday, this will be repaired on Thursday.

55019 will be leaving Kidderminster by load loader on Tuesday for its week stay at the Great Central Railway where the loco will appear at the line’s diesel gala as well as being used on Driver Experience.

Thanks to the SVR for allowing us use of the new TMD facilities and the DTG in helping with repairs. I must also add Adrian, who has helped me for the whole period of repairs.

The photos below show the loco on Saturday morning at 6am in the sunshine (yes, there was some early on) and at Bewdley on the evening run from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.



Volunteer’s View – 03/09/16

Graham Clarke reports….

Yesterday at Barrow Hill I was with Robin and Ray. Ray fixed a broken power tool transformer and did the fire checks. Robin took care of visitors and I was working out how to repair a small fault 19 has developed. A terminal in one of the traction motor blower’s terminal boxes has melted and burned off the end of a connection to one of the field coils inside the motor. I’ve also sorted out the terminal box connections on the two blowers for 55015. I’ve managed to salvage the melted part and the connection to the field coil, which fortunately is bolted and not soldered. That’s made it easier to fix.

I’m planning to go to Loughborough on Thursday to make repairs. This problem does not stop the loco being used. The limitations of not having the traction motor blowers working are not a problem for preserved line operation. It prevents the field diverts from working, limiting maximum speed to the low thirties, so it’s not an issue on a 25mph railway. Although, there is an increased risk of overheating the traction motors. Loads and gradients on the SVR are not especially severe, so the risk was acceptable for yesterday’s members’ day.

DPS Members Day and Kidderminster TMD update

Stuart Page writes:

After being involved with the Western Weekend driving D1015 ‘WESTERN CHAMPION’ on Saturday, it was back to the final couple of days finishing off 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’. Adrian and myself spent most of Sunday painting the bogies while the cab glossing earlier in the day was drying off. Monday was just myself tidying up and finishing off a few odd jobs and removing all the tools and equipment from RHF. A photo of the finished loco appears at the bottom of this post.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for Members Day on Saturday 3rd September with twin engine action, which is being billed as the Iconic Diesel Day with D1062 ‘WESTERN COURIER’ also in operation. More details can be found HERE on the SVR web site and 55019 is running the following services including an evening service.

09.45/13.30/18.25 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth
11.55/15.40/20.45 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster


A busy weekend at Kidderminster

Stuart Page writes:

It was another busy weekend, with Adrian and myself continuing repairs to 55019 and the fitting of the nose grills. Final prepping of the bodywork where minor work along the cabside and bogies has also been completed. An interesting photo shown here of a very rare opportunity of seeing whats in a nose end. The nose is crammed with different equipment with very little room left – air tanks, traction motor, fire protection, 2 X compressors, brake and electric equipment and can be stood inside without hitting the roof section. The red arrow indicates the connection of the leaking air pipe that could only be accessed by the removing of the nose grill.

The cab side has already got to the stage of glossing but these photos will be released next week once completed – hoping for cooler weather too.

nose grill



GCR Driver Experience details

More details regarding the Great Central Railway’s Driver Experience course using 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’, which takes place on Friday 9th September (with an additional day on Thursday 8th September if there is sufficient demand), ncan be found below. Each participant will receive the following:

* Drive the loco one way from Loughborough to Leiester North,  and act as ‘Second Man’ on the return leg (or vice versa).
* A full round trip in the rear cab with the DPS Fitter
* Four Complimentary Guest Tickets
* A GCR presentation pack and a Certificate of the day (to be collected from the GCR Booking Office).
The price for the day is £350 – to book, please call the GCR direct on  01509 632323

Footplate Experience Update

Places are still available on the Footplate Experience courses with 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Great Central Railway, which are taking place on September 8th & 9th (the Thursday/Friday before the line’s Diesel Gala, which 55019 will be starring at).

The Driver Experience courses at the Epping Ongar Railway have, as expected, proved to be popular are now sold out – sorry if you missed out!

Kidderminster TMD Update

A large amount of work over the last seven weeks on 55019 came to a head at the weekend. A plan on replacing a defective air pipe in no 2 end nose which needed the bodyside grills removing to access one of the two pipe connections became a more substantial job. Part of the traction motor air intake frame needed urgent attention. All drivers side nose equipment has been removed and repairs to the locomotive carried out and parts refitted with the project lead by Stuart Page. After static running tests on Saturday were completed, Sunday morning, the locomotive was used as the Kidderminster station pilot. A more detailed account of the work carried out will be in the next Deltic Deadline. Thanks to Adrian for assisting on Saturday and Roger Radcliffe on Sunday. Work will continue over the next few weeks in completing external body work and repaint.

Below, 55019 is seen at Kidderminster station on August 7th. (Photo & Text: Stuart Page) 19KR

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