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D9009 and 55019 movements this week (Updated)

We have a busy few days coming up with our locos. Below are some details regarding the movements of D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ this week:

Monday September 9th: Following its display with 4468 ‘MALLARD’ at Grantham this weekend, 55019 will be hauled (with 4468 again) to Doncaster for display next weekend. The convoy, which is expected to be hauled by 56311 again, is due to leave Grantham Yard at 09.10 and will run via Newark and Gainsborough Lea Road to Wabtec Doncaster, where it is booked to arrive at 12.29. For full timings, please see

Tuesday September 10th: D9009 will run from the East Lancashire Railway to Kidderminster on the Severn Valley Railway, where is will collect a pair of Diesel Hydraulics, D821 ‘GREYHOUND’ and D1062 ‘WESTERN COURIER’ for movement to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. D9009 is booked to join Network Rail metals at Castleton Hopwood Groundframe at 06.08, then leaving Castleton at 06.46, travelling via Crewe and Bescot to Kidderminster (10.55 at main line station, 11.26 onto SVR). Complete timings can be obtained at , Following this, the convoy is scheduled to run to York. Confirmed times have now been received but departure from Kidderminster SVR is expected to be at 12.10, then Bescot 13.44, Stafford 14.39, Crewe 15.13/15, Stockport 16.08, Rochdale 17.08, Hebden Bridge 17.27, Wakefield Kirkgate 18.08, York 19.15/16, York NRM 19.40. Please remember, moves such as this can run early or late.

Wednesday September 11th: The convoy of D9009 plus D821/D1062 is planned to leave York NRM at 06.00 for Grosmont, times are York station 06.25/30, Thirsk 06.52, Thornaby 07.51, Battersby 08.30/46 (D9009 to run round), Grosmont 09.29

‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ moves to Grantham

As planned, 55019 moved from York to Grantham with 4468 ‘Mallard’ earlier today in readiness for its display there this weekend. Devon & Cornwall Railways’ used 56311 for the convoy movement which ran pretty much to time throughout the journey. The two pictures below show the convoy just south of Colton Junction.

The event at Grantham, which marks 75 years since ‘Mallard’ attained its 126 mph speed record, takes place between 10.00 and 17.00 on Saturday September 7 and Sunday December 8.  We expect 55019 to be open for cab visits and theres should be several ‘Deltic’ nameplates on display.



55019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ was moved from Barrow Hill to York by DCR’s 31190 yesterday in preparation for its movement to Grantham where it will be displayed over the weekend of September 7th/8th – for more details, please visit

The second leg of the move from York to Grantham is pencilled in for Wednesday September 4th, and is scheduled to depart York at 10.30, arriving at Grantham at 15.15. Detailed timings can be found at

Swanage success for 55019

55019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ spent three days operating at the Swanage Railway between May 10th and 12th as part of the railway’s annual diesel gala/beer festival, which was the second gala outing for one of our locos this year. D9009 ‘Alycidon’, which was used to haul a convoy of visiting locos to/from the event, also made a static appearance at the event, being open for cab visits, enabling people to see the loco with its newly-fitted GSM-R equipment.

55019 also operated the diesel diagram at the Swanage Railway on May 18th prior to departing, with 31466, 33108 and 37521, behind D9009 for Didcot.

The picture below, courtesy of Andrew P M Wright, shows the convoy, which ran from Barrow Hill via the Dean Forest Railway to collect the Class 31, on the Swanage Railway on May 3rd.


One special guest we had at the event on May 11th was Mark Collins, one of the co-presenters of the ‘Trainspotting’ series on Discovery Channel. He was attending the gala to promote it on his show on local radio station Wave 105. Mark also received a guided tour of 55019′s engine room by Stuart Page, who took the photo below.




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