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Forthcoming tours – July 4th & 7th

Confirmed and agreed timings for the tours with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on July 4th (Derby-Kingswear) and July 7th (King’s Cross-York) are still awaited and will hopefully appear in the next couple of days. On Saturday’s tour, D9009 is expected to work the train from Derby to Kingswear and then back to Birmingham, after which it should run to Bescot, ready for movement to London for its next tour  three days later.

Update on future tours *UPDATED 20/05*

The White Rose – Tuesday 2nd June

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust have announced that the return to traffic of 60163 ‘TORNADO’ has been delayed and it will not be ready in time for 2nd June. Consequently, the ‘White Rose’ tour with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and ‘TORNADO’, is to be re-dated (7th July has been pencilled in, but this will be confirmed in the next few days). Please see the A1SLT website by CLICKING HERE for more details.

The Torbay & Dart Explorer – Saturday 4th July

This excursion with Pathfinder Tours from Derby to Kingswear and back, featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ throughout, is now less than two months away. Pathfinder have advised that less than both First Class Plus and Premier Dining have less than a coach of seats still available, so if you want to travel in one of these classes, please book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment! Seats are still available in Standard Class too, and remember, DPS members can obtain a £5 discount per member on the advertised fares if booking by phone/post (please quote DPS membership number). Full details regarding the tour can be obtained by CLICKING HERE and a downloadable booking form is available HERE.

Successful ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’ outing for D9009

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ put in a good performance on the ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’ yesterday, the first appearance of a ‘Deltic’ at the head of the British Pullman train for a number of years. Here are a couple of pictures from the day:


Above: arriving on the Severn Valley Railway (Graham Clarke)

BP03Above: As the sun sets, D9009 is captured at speed on the Great Western Main Line at Denchworth. (Mark Lambert)

Further pictures will appear in a gallery in the next few days.
In addition, here is a youtube clip of the return leg at Standish Junction, courtesy of Duncan Jennings:

Graham Clarke, who was on board the return leg as part of the DPS volunteer service crew, writes:

What a fabulous day it was yesterday with D9009 to the SVR with their British Pullman train from Victoria to Bewdley. The loco performed faultlessly, the weather was good and everybody enjoyed themselves. It really was a privilege to be aboard D9009 and to witness what a Deltic is really capable of with 765 tons behind it. Awesome is the only word to describe it. Climbing the banks on the Gloucester – Swindon line was exceptional with 36mph being sustained at the summit. It was also interesting to see how much more pulling power a Deltic has compared to a 67. Four motors rather than six and high-speed gearing really takes it’s tole. Thanks to our drivers from DBS, one of whom’s name I’ve forgotten, Nigel, Steve, Bob and Chris. Also thanks to Alex and Stuart who I worked with during the day and on the way back to Victoria. It was a 21 hour day for the loco and 12 full hours at least for many people. Goodness knows what the normals thought on the West London line when a Deltic went roaring past. I did see a few with their hands over their ears!

‘ALYCIDON’ moves to London

Leaving Kidderminster slightly later than originally planned after being retimed, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ moved to Southall earlier today, in readiness for its appearance on the ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’ from Victoria to the Severn Valley Railway with the British Pullman stock on Saturday. Carrying the ‘winged thistle’, the loco is pictured below at Standish Junction. Thanks to Duncan Jennings for supplying the photo.



We will be pleased to receive any picture of Saturday’s train for use on the DPS website, please send any submissions to (replace AT with @ ).

Another railtour working for D9009 – Saturday 3rd October

We are pleased to advise that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ has been booked for another railtour, which will be its fourth this year. The ‘Deltic’ is being used by UK Railtours on its ‘Magnificent Settle and Carlisle’ trip, and will haul the train from Doncaster to Carlisle and back, outward via the Settle & Carlisle line, returning via the Tyne Valley and East Coast. A Class 90 will haul the train from London to Doncaster and back.

The tour picks up at King’s Cross, Potters Bar (for M25), Stevenage, Peterborough and Doncaster, and features Standard Class and First Class Dining seats. For more details, and to make a booking, please visit the UK Railtours website at

D9009 move for ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’

In readiness for its working on the ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’ on Saturday 16th May, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is expected to undertake its light engine positioning run from the Severn Valley Railway to London on Wednesday 13th May. The loco is due to leave SVR metals shortly before 15.30, and, following reversal at Kidderminster, should run via Worcester, Kemble and Swindon to Locomotive Services Ltd’s site at Southall, where it should remain until the tour. Full timings for Wednesday’s move can be found at

Golden Jubilee Pullman – timings

Timings for the ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman‘ on Saturday 16th May, featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on the British Pullman rake, have now been released. The train leaves London Victoria at 07.56 and runs via the Chilterns (a first for a Deltic?) to Birmingham and the Severn Valley Railway, returning vis Worcester, Kemble and Didcot to arrive in Victoria at 22.31. Detailed timings can be found HERE (outward) and HERE (return).

55019 running at SVR this Saturday

The first of our operating days of the 2015 season at the Severn Valley Railway takes place this Saturday, when 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is booked to work the following trains:

09.55 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 11.55 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 13.30 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 15.40 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster

It will be a busy weekend as, in addition, there will be a working party on D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ at Kidderminster to prepare the loco for its forthcoming British Pullman tour on May 16th. Jobs required include:

1) D9009 bellows to replace on unit 408, means dropping coolant, replace part and refill
2) D9009 electrical checks.
3) Clean and polish D9009, its not too bad but if we keep on top of it it will make the job easier. Plus we can make it look really good for the SVR Pullman 50th Anniversary Charter London Victoria-Kidderminster & Return the following week.

The working party will start at Kidderminster at 09.30, any members wanting to help out must contact Mike Hallam-Rudd beforehand please.

‘The White Rose’ tour update (June 2nd)

Our friends in The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust have advised that ‘The White Rose’ railtour on June 2nd, which will be hauled by D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ from King’s Cross to York and 60163 ‘TORNADO’ from York to King’s Cross, is now around 80% full, so anyone wishing to book is advised to do so sooner rather than later in order to avoid disappointment. Bookings are being handled by UK Railtours – please visit their webpage by CLICKING HERE for full details regarding to tour and to make a booking.

D9009 to haul ‘The White Rose’ on June 2nd

We are pleased to report that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is booked to work the northbound leg of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s ‘White Rose’ tour from King’s Cross to York on Tuesday 2nd June. It will be the first appearance of D9009 at King’s Cross for almost two years, and the third tour to feature both ‘ALYCIDON’ and ‘TORNADO’, recreating the chance to travel on the East Coast Main Line behind a ‘Deltic’ and A1.

Full details concerning the trip and how to book can be found on the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust website by CLICKING HERE.

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