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New tour with D9009 – “The Auld Reekie”

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has announced details of another tour on the ECML featuring both ‘TORNADO’ and D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’. “The Auld Reekie” is scheduled to run from stations in Yorkshire (Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds and York) to Edinburgh on Sunday 7th October, with D9009 hauling the southbound leg of the train. Full details regarding the trip can be found on the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s website by CLICKING HERE.

D9009 move Burton to ELR – April 9th 2018

Following work on its air tanks, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be leaving Burton tomorrow morning (April 9th), collecting several locos on its journey to the East Lancashire Railway in readiness for next weekend’s “40s@60″ event, celebrating 60 years of the EE Class 40s.

D9009 will first run to the GCR(N) at Ruddington to collect a Class 47 which is moving to the ELR, then pay a brief visit to Barrow Hill where 40012 ‘AUREOL’ and D213 ‘ANDANIA’ will be added to the convoy. Then its up to York to collect D200 before heading to Bury where the locos should arrive just before 20.00.

Booked timings for the movements can be found at these links: Burton to GCR(N) ; GCR(N) to Barrow Hill ; Barrow Hill to York NRM ; York NRM to ELR. Obviously, the moves tomorrow are quite complex, and there is the possibility they could run early or late. The links to the Open Train Times site above should provide ‘live’ train information on progress on the day.

Volunteer’s View – 31st March 2018

Graham Clarke reports on activities which took place last weekend:

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill cleaning and painting wheels carried on. Thanks to Geoff and Steve.

Power Unit 451 had the main output shaft stripped out. Dave having adapted a puller to remove the gear from end of the output shaft. This then allowed the generator flange to be pulled out of the phasing gearbox and the seal housing removed. We are now investigating new seals and the condition of the shaft the seals run on. The shaft is worn to a degree and may need machining to give a suitable sealing surface. Modern technology will also be investigated, because sealing technology has move on a lot since the seals were fitted in the 1970s. Leaks are common with the existing seal design and it causes oil to get into the main generator, which is very bad for the insulation. Steve removed the hoses inside the triangle for replacement that can’t be accessed unless the phasing gearbox or scavenge blower is removed. Thanks Dave, Pete, Mick and Steve.

Mike and Stuart carried on preparing 19 to receive newly lagged silencers. The bellows that connect the exhaust collector drum to the silencer were compressed ready to have bars tack welded on the outside to make them a loose fit when the silencers and roof are in place. It’s nearly impossible to fit them otherwise. One of the bellows also had the build up of oil and carbon removed by burning it out. It’s the only way that works. Thanks to Mike for the photo and to both him and Stuart for their help.

I completed the cable clamps for the flexible conduits that go to no.6 traction motor terminal box. This means all of the electrical work underneath no.15 is now completed ready for bogie fitting. There are a few mechanical jobs to do as described last week. Before the bogies can go under the loco when they are completed.

55019 to visit West Somerset Railway

Another gala appearance for 55019′ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’! Following the successful visit of another East Cast Main Line stalwart, 60103 ‘FLYING SCOTSMAN’ in 2017, it is the turn of an ECML diesel to appear at the West Somerset Railway. 55019 will be taking part in the line’s diesel gala, which has a theme ‘Vintage Diesels to the Seaside’ on June 8th-10th. Deltics could, of course, be seen powering along the coastal sections between Newcastle and Edinburgh, and also ventured to Scarborough and Cleethorpes.

Volunteer’s View- March 24th 2018

Another digest of happenings at Barrow Hill from Graham Clarke:

On March 24th at Barrow Hill, the overhauled wheelsets continued to be cleaned and primed. They still need the axles and wheels crack testing and I’m working on a supplier as our usual man has retired. Thanks to Geoff and Bob.

Stuart and Adrian (Adrian also helped me) worked on preparing 19’s centre roof panel. They cleaned it and carried out a bit of edge straightening ready to take new high temperature sealant and the silencers with revised lagging. Thanks.

Pete carried on finishing the no.2 end lighting wiring on 15.

With Adrian’s help, the flexible conduits were fitted properly to the no.1 end traction motor cables on 55015. With much cutting and filing, I made and fitted the clamps and clamping plates to no.1 end. That means that end is now fully completed. The other end should take less than an hour next Saturday. Thanks Adrian and to Geoff for making the new hardwood clamps.

All that’s now left to do underneath is get the coupling hooks refitted when they have been crack tested at a time the guy is on site for other work, repair two damaged limit stops and replace the manganese bearer pads when the loco is lifted.

Thanks one and all. I was well pleased with the progress made last Saturday

ELR Class 40 event – roster

More details regarding this event at the East Lancashire Railway on April 13th-15th, at which D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be providing a supporting role, have now been released. Full details regarding fares (with an advance booking discount) can be found HERE and the full roster/timetable can be downloaded HERE.

The weekend’s workings for D9009 are summarised below:

FRIDAY 13TH APRIL – 10.06 Bury-Heywood, 10.35 Heywood-Rawtenstall, 11.46 Rawtenstall-Bury, 14.14 Bury-Ramsbottom, 15.02 Ramsbottom-Bury, 16.04 Bury-Ramsbottom, 16.52 Ramsbottom-Bury.

SATURDAY 14TH APRIL – 09.00 Bury-Rambottom, 09.37 Ramsbottom-Bury, 12.36 Bury-Heywood (with 40106), 13.15 Heywood-Rawtenstall, 14.26 Rawtenstall-Heywood.

SUNDAY 15TH APRIL – 09.00 Bury-Rawtenstall, 09.37 Rawtenstall-Bury, 10.44 Bury-Rawtenstall, 11.32 Rawtenstall-Bury, 12.24 Bury-Rawtenstall, 13.22 Rawtenstall-Bury, 14.55 Heywood-Rawtenstall.

Volunteer’s View – March 17th 2018

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill. Pete and the power unit team made good progress. He reports as follows.

Work continued on power unit 451. The output shaft seal has failed on the phasing case. This was allowing oil to past into the main generator. To resolve it, the phasing case has to be removed allowing us to replace the oil seal. The hoses will also be replaced in side the triangle. Thanks Steve, Dave, Mick x2 and Pete.

Mike worked on cleaning the overhauled wheelsets ready for final crack testing and then painting. The final assembly will then take place. Thanks Mike.

Stuart carried on with the overhaul of the cylinder heads on 55019’s compressors. The second one was much cleaner than it he first. Thanks Stuart.

Pete carried on with the no.2 cab lighting wiring in 55015. Thanks Pete.

I managed to cut and fit the conduits for 55015’s no.1 traction motor cables between the nose floor and the terminal box. I’ll assemble it properly and fit the gland nuts next week. Once the new clamps are in place, that’s the underside electrical work completed. There is s small amount of mechanical work to do to the bogie rotation stop pads before lifting and the pads the loco sits on top of the the bogie on that carry its weight need changing during the lift to fit the bogies. I hope to see no.15 on its bogies during the summer.

Volunteer’s View – March 10th 2018

A report from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill last Saturday, we picked up the reins after the AGM the weekend before.

Exhaust lagging was measured up and checked against a silencer. This will allow the new lagging bought for 55019 to be reduced in thickness and adjusted so it will fit without pushing the silencers out of alignment, which was the problem with 55019 last year. Thanks Mike and Darrell.

Stuart worked on a heavy service of 19’s compressor cylinder heads. They have not been done for some time and the loco was struggling to get wind up. Thanks

Bob and Chris worked on fitting air tanks. They made an ingenious modular table to help role the large air tanks into place in 15’s noses Thanks.

Steve carried on cleaning up behind 15’s buffers. Ray returned two repaired aluminium sandwich pieces that fit behind each buffer. They had become cracked over the years. There function is to crush in the event of a severe impact. Aluminium is a fairly soft metal compared to the steel buffer and buffer beam. Thanks to you both.

Pete carried on finishing the replacement of 15’s number 2 cab lighting wiring. Thanks.

I completed soldering on the final two traction motor cable end connections and put the conduit fittings in ready for fitting the conduits on Saturday. Thanks to Steve for holding the cables while I soldered on the ends. Leather gauntlets are needed to cope with the heat that travels up the cable, but you still get hot.

Ray pottered around doing bits and pieces of depot work and Darrell was also doing bits with his sales stock. Thanks.

You will also see a picture of 15’s old couplings, which are the outer ones on the pallet. We would like to raise funds from them. They are far too worn to use, but they are the originals from the last northbound train (The Deltic Scotsman Farewell) hauled by a BR Deltic out of King’s Cross on 02/01/1982. The couplings May never return to King’s Cross, but with enough funding from opportunities like this, I am determined that 55015 Tulyar does.

Thanks for all your support.

D9009 moving to Burton – Wednesday 7th March

As announced at the DPS Annual General Meeting on Saturday, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is planned to run to from the National Railway Museum to Nemesis Rail at Burton on Wednesday 7th March, where it have its air tanks re-certified prior to returning to the DPS depot at Barrow Hill. Leaving York at lunchtime, expected timings for the move can now be found HERE.

“Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter’ Update

52A Tours advise that ‘tables for two’ in First Class are now fully booked, and First Class accommodation in compartments is now in very limited supply. Seats remain available in Standard Class and First Class (Open) vehicles. For more details concerning this tour, which features haulage behind D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ from Newcastle to King’s Cross and back, please visit 52A Tours’ website by clicking HERE. Remember, if you are a DPS member, you can obtain a £5 discount on the advertised fares (one discounted ticket per member).

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