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‘The Welsh Central Liner’ – Saturday June 17th

Confirmed timings for Saturday’s railtour from Burton to the Central Wales line and Shrewsbury have now been released by Pathfinder Tours. Please visit their website by CLICKING HERE for pick up/set down times  - note there have been some changes, the train is no longer able to pick up at Coleshill Parkway or Birmingham New Street, but an additional pick-up at Northfield has been added.

Full timings for the train can be found HERE (outward) and HERE (return).

The DPS will be holding an on-board raffle during the day, we look forward to seeing many of you on board the train.

Volunteer’s View – June 10th 2017

Graham Clarke’s report from last weekend….

At Barrow Hill on Saturday it was power units for Steve, Pete, Tom and Beth.  I helped remove the main generator later on.  It’s now separated by about 1/4″.  It will get moved out of the way on another day to make room for removing the phasing gearbox.  Nat was generally helping out, doing bits towards 8′s cab and talking to me a bit about engineering careers.

Geoff was busy painting nose top doors and other bits and bobs around 19.

Adrian and Stuart were working away gettin…g 19 ready to take the refurbished nose grills and doing other bits of bodywork around the cabs.

The load regulator performs a similar function to the gears in a car, but it’s electrical as is the loco’s transmission of power from the engines to the wheels.  Steve N and I spent a very interesting couple of hours with his micro ohm meter checking 15′s load regulator resistance values against the specified values in the Workshop Overhaul  & Service Schedule (WOSS).  It was really interesting to see values coming out within the specified limits.  15 worked ok before it was stopped, so this gives some confidence.  A formal recorded test will take place in a few weeks.  This will help with D9002, which does not apply power in quite the way it should.

Beth and Nat have also posted more details about the weekends work on the power units.

19′s silencers have also been modified the same as D9009 by adding a sealing flange below the roofline to stop oil and fumes entering the engine room.  Once it’s all drilled, sealed and bolted up It works a treat.  The original design should never have left the drawing board.  Thanks to Sheaf Engineering.

Ray and Mike also called in during the day.

Thank you everyone for another very productive weekend.

Volunteer’s View – June 3rd 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Last weekend at Barrow Hill work carried on and it was another productive day.

Beth, Nigel, Ellouise and Tom worked on PU430. It’s coming on steadily and the main generator should be removed by the end of June. The phasing gearbox will then need to come off to get to the main output shaft oil seal. This is being done, because a 30 plus year old oil seal and a spanking and very expensive overhauled main generator are a really bad idea. Oil wrecks the insulation of the main generator pretty quickly.

Neal, Nat and Ellouise did more work on the cosmetic restoration of D9008′s cab. Thanks to you all.

Stuart and Bob carried on with work on 55019. Most of the body filling around the cab and nose is now done and primed. Bob cleaned and refitted the engine a ir filters and 1 set of generator air filters. They others will get done in a couple of weeks. Geoff applied further top coats of paint to the nose doors and the underside of the boiler compartment roof. Thanks Bob and Stuart.

On 15, Pete more or less completed the rewiring of the no.1 cab lighting wiring and made a start at the other end. Mike mostly completed fitting pipe work to the engine room walls. Steve our contract fabricator made further progress fitting inner jacking pocket doors. They are going to look great when they are properly fitted. Thanks.

I spent the day trying to find a lost propane torch and didn’t, much to my annoyance. I did sort out a fix for 2 fuel connections that are broken and some damaged roof drain adaptors that have fallen apart and are stopping the drains being piped up. At the end of the day I successfully soldered on some traction motor cable ends as a trial on some off cut 185mm squared cable. It’s taken me a long time to get hold of the right type of flux cored solder. Plumbers’ solder melts at too high a temperature and so does the modern lead free. I just don’t want to go lead free, because it’s too much of an unknown. It’s not even that green, because of the metals like silver that are damaging to marine life. I’ll stick with old technology that works and has for well over a century.

Thanks again to all our brilliant volunteers!

Volunteer’s View – May 27th 2017

Graham Clarke was at Barrow Hill again last weekend….

Saturday at Barrow Hill it was a bit of a consolidation day.

Tom and Beth were working on PU430.  Thank you both.

Adrian and Stuart were busily working away at body filling around the nose grills and exhauster door, changing fuel filters and fitting the lifting eyes to the repaired boiler roof section.  Thanks to both of you.

Thanks to Geoff who was second coating 19′s nose top doors, various power unit bits and degreasing the outside of the filthy boiler compartment roof.

Ray fitted crash guards to the storage racking (thanks).

Steve and I had a mega tidy up and sweep up around the depot, because it was overdue for one and we have important visitors this week.  Thanks Steve.

And finally, Natalie was busy working on D9008′s cab.

Volunteer’s View – May 20th 2017

Another report courtesy of Graham Clarke….

At Barrow Hill 55015 took a major step forward. The remaining 6 traction motor cables were pulled into the conduits under the no.1 end of the loco and routed to the right locations in the control cubicle. This took a major team effort and could have been much more difficult than it turned out to be. Good preparation, cleanliness and purpose made lubricant made a difference. It was very gratifying to photograph everyone in front of the loco, lights on and job done. A huge thank you to Bradley, Pete, Bob, Tom and Mike.

Elsewhere, Geoff was painting nose top doors and fitting them with new seals. Thanks Geoff.

Nat and Neil were beavering away refurbishing no.8′s cab. Thanks Nat and Neil.

The photo shows the team who helped pull in the cables. In the middle are one of our longest serving volunteers and our newest; Mike and his grandson Bradley. Truly amazing and hard to fathom how fast time passes.

I’m going to now refit the motor terminal boxes, terminate the cables and connect it all up. Once the draw gear is stripped and checked and the bearer pads are changed. The loco will then be ready to take its refurbished bogies when they are finished.


Volunteer’s View – May 13th 2017

This weekend’s report from Graham Clarke:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill Were Pete x2, Mick, Geoff, Mike, Stuart, Martin and his daughter, Adrian and Ray later on. Thank you all very much for another very productive day.

19 had no.2 nose end completed, including fitting the fire bottles and completing the compressors. Thanks to Stuart and Mike.

Geoff carried on painting nose doors and other bits and pieces. Thanks Geoff.

Mick and Pete worked on PU 417, which is well on the way to completion. The main generator still needs some attention. It’s really difficult with it installed, so it’s best done now! Thanks both.

Pete carried on with no.1 cab lighting. Which more or less working, although the instrument light fittings have a problem with the bulbs not making contact. I think there are different types and the parts have got mixed up. Martin and his daughter put the blinds in the route indicator box. Thanks.

Ray sorted out and filled up the gas bottle cage. Thanks.

I finished off the replacement of the last spliced wire in no.2 control cubicle.

Railtour Postscript

Many thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday’s ‘Hull & Leeds Executive’ charter with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’, operated by our friends at Pathfinder Tours. The tour  provided the first appearance of a Deltic on a rake of blue/grey Mark 2 ‘air cons’ at Kings Cross since 1981, thanks to Riviera Trains who supplied the coaching stock.

There are many videos of the tour online, and links to a few of these can be found below:

OUTWARD – Hull ; Hull (again) ; HatfieldLincolnArlesey ; Finsbury Park

RETURN – Sandy ; St Neots ; PeterboroughPeterborough (again)

Following the tour, D9009 moved to Loram at Derby today for some work prior to its next railtour, which is The Welsh Central Liner on Saturday 17th June – full details can be found by CLICKING HERE. Please note that First Class and First Class Plus seats are sold out, but seats remain in Premier Dining and Standard Class – book soon though to guarantee a seat!


Volunteer’s View – April 30th 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

It was another very productive day at Barrow Hill.

55019 had the compressors refitted following nose floor repairs and painting. Thanks to Stuart, Adrian and Steve.

Ray and John dealt with finances and some very important paperwork for Companies House. Thank you very much.

Geoff topcoated 55019′s nose top doors on the inside and primed a main generator air duct. Thanks Geoff.

PU 430 had further work done on injector pockets, including removing and servicing one that did not want to come out for several weeks. The second half of the main generator fan was also removed after a bit of a fight and a soft mallet. Everyone had all their fingers afterwards as a bonus. Thanks Beth and Nigel.

55019′s silencers also received, shall we say a high temperature clean. Thanks Howard and Mya.

On D9015, Pete got the no.1 cab lighting working and I finally got the rewire of the no.2 start control contactor almost completed. I have a 2BA terminal screw missing (people have been saying it for years) otherwise I would have finished the job.

Thanks once again to everyone for your invaluable help.

D9009 move today (May 4th)

In preparation for Saturday’s tour, D9009 will run from York to Burton today, via Moorthorpe, Barrow Hill, Chesterfield and Derby. Booked departure is at 09.10, but please remember moves like this can run early or late!


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