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Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter – update

52A Tours have advised that postal bookings for the tour on Saturday June 16th will close this weekend (Saturday June 9th). Online booking will still be available – DPS members should book at full fare and your £5 discount will be refunded on the day. Please visit for full details and to book.

Validated outward timings have now been released, departure times from the pick-ups are: Linlithgow 04.35, Edinburgh 05.15, Newcastle 07.18, Durham 07.34, Darlington 08.07, York 09.06, Doncaster 09.38, King’s Cross arr 12.23.


Report on 55019 from SVR & movement details

Stuart Page provides a report from the Severn Valley Railway’s Kidderminster TMD:

Apologies for the late report from the SVR due to living on site most of the last three weeks.

The loco ran well over the above period on service trains, experiences and Gala days other than those of Friday and Saturday of the Gala. A fault from a number of years ago, thinking the loco was running on two engines but with the first engine not running. In other words no power until reaching notch seven and not resetting after an overload. Both faults easily to reset and continue. The relays involved will need either need replacing or servicing with this having occurred a second time. The driver experiences were spread over the three weeks and were enjoyed by all 48 participants, including two pairs of husband and wives too who thoroughly enjoyed the experience as much as their men.

On Saturday 55019 had its FTR exam and was reblocked ready for the visit to the West Somerset Railway which is scheduled for this coming Wednesday (June 6th) departing the SVR around 10.55 – times can be found HERE. Return from the WSR to the SVR will be on Monday June 11th  arriving around 17.50 where the consist will remain overnight before then heading north to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway for our third visit of the year.

A big thankyou to all at the SVR for making our stay an enjoyable one.

Volunteer’s View – June 2nd 2018

Graham Clarke reports on a busy time at Barrow Hill preparing D9009 for the Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter:

It was all hands to D9009 yesterday. Preparations continued for the railtour in two weeks time and completion of the annual ‘C’ exam. Pete and Martin on Friday, Mick, Alex and I were all very busy. Good progress was made. The radiator grills were bolted down after radiator cleaning last Sunday by Ray and Darrell. The tyres were measured and the underside equipment checked by Alex. The coolant priming pump was repaired. Numerous other jobs were done throughout the day. I checked the traction motors and cleaned them internally. After that I repaired the flexible conduits to no.1 traction motor terminal box. One was broken at the fitting and another was loose. Parts are a problem, because you can no longer buy imperial sized conduits and fittings. Finally, I tested a suspect contactor in the auxiliary power system. Intermittent faults can be difficult to diagnose and fix. In this case no fault was found. It now looks like dirty interlocks may be a source of any fault.

Down at the Severn Valley Railway, 55019 had its brake blocks changed by Stuart, Geoff, Adrian and Mike

Thank you very much for all the hard work put in over the recent days.

Volunteer’s View – May 26th/27th 2018

The latest from Graham Clarke:

Last Saturday and Sunday at Barrow Hill it was all hands to D9009 working on completing the annual C Exam. The underside and bogies were steam cleaned by Geoff. The second bogie was re-blocked by Dave, while Mike helped out and then greased the bogies (all 96 grease points). Dave then removed the securing nuts and lifted the radiator grills ready for steam cleaning on Sunday. Inside Pete and I were checking over and cleaning all the electrical machinery, including the main and auxiliary generators and all the auxiliary machines for making air, vacuum and traction motor cooling. The load regulators and master controllers were also checked.

The radiators and depot gutters were steam cleaned on Sunday by Ray and Darrell.

Thanks very much to you all. Work will carry on next Friday and Saturday.

West Somerset Railway – roster for 55019

The West Somerset Railway has announced the rostered workings for locos at it’s diesel gala on June 8th-10th. Planned workings for 55019 during the event are as follows:

Friday June 8th: 10.59 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard, 13.57 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead, 16.41 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard, 20.35 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead.

Saturday June 9th: 09.05 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard, 12.03 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead, 15.44 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard, 19.00 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead.

Sunday June 10th: 09.05 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard, 12.03 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead, 15.44 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard.

The full timetables for the event can be found on the WSR website here: FRIDAY ; SATURDAY ; SUNDAY

Volunteers View – May 12th to 19th 2018

Graham Clarke writes:

A round up of the last couple of weeks at Barrow Hill and the SVR.

The previous Saturday was spent mostly on completing work on D9009 as part of an annual C Exam. One bogies worth of brake blocks was changed and cab painting continued. Thanks to Dave, Pete, Mick and Steve.

Also, the new seals were fitted to the phasing gearbox belonging to Power Unit 451. It’s now ready to refit.

Geoff carried on painting wheel sets. Thanks.

Ray and I sorted out a crane that was working the wrong way. Three phase is a pain for crossed phases, not helped by people swapping plugs with limited knowledge. It’s now okay.

Monday and Tuesday was spent minding 55019 on footplate experience duties at the SVR. Great company with Stuart, Darren, interesting participants and many old friends.

Yesterday saw Geoff and Steve cleaning and painting wheel sets. 3 done, two in progress and one not started. Pete was finishing off no.2 cab loco lighting wiring. I was varnishing a traction motor terminal board that was tracking to earth and sorting out rivets for the new inner jacking point doors.

Thanks to you all.

55019 – Severn Valley Workings

With 55019 now in place at the Severn Valley Railway, the beginning of its round Britain tour for this season, a full list below details all workings during the period at the SVR. Please note the service trains before and after the Gala dates:

Monday 14th May: Driver experience
Tuesday 15th May: Driver experience
Wednesday 16th May (service train): 11:35 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 13:25 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, 15:35 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 17:25 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster
Thursday 17th May (Diesel Gala): 11:23 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 13:42 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, 15:49 Kidderminster to Bewdley and 16:51 Bewdley to Kidderminster
Friday 18th May (Diesel Gala): 11:23 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 13:42 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, 16:11 Kiddderminster to Bridgnorth, 18:25 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster
Saturday 19th May (Diesel Gala): 11:23 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 13:42 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, 15:23 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth and 17:42 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster.
Monday 21st May (service train): 11:35 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 13:25 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, 15:35 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, 17:25 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster
Tuesday 22nd May: Driver experience
Wednesday 23rd May: Driver experience
Tuesday 29th May: Driver experience
Wednesday 30th May: Driver experience

The full timetable/loco roster for the SVR Gala can be downloaded HERE.

Volunteer’s View – May 5th 2018

Graham Clarke reports on events just before RHF’s departure to the Severn Valley Railway:

On Saturday at Barrow Hill, the main job was completing 55019 ready to leave for the Severn Valley Railway. Working with Beth and Stuart that meant curing a compressor that wouldn’t compress, fixing blowing fuel injectors and for me altering wiring looms to fit the covers to the new voltage regulators. It was all a bit fraught, but it got done by 20:00 last night. As it turned out the compressor had the non-return valves in the top of the cylinders assembled the wrong way around, the injectors got sorted fairly quickly and I struggled with the cable clamps, but got it done in the end. Just to make my day, 19 had an electrical hissy fit and wouldn’t power up its auxiliary equipment at no.1 end with no.2 engine running. I managed to sort that out fairly quickly. It was a dirty set of interlocks on one of the contactors.

Elsewhere in the depot, Geoff, Steve and Bob carried on preparing and painting the overhauled wheel sets for 55015. While Mike prepared the axles for ultrasonic crack testing this week. The axle end plates were removed and grease purged. Apologies for missing this off version one of this post.

Outside, Neil, Nat, Nat’s boyfriend and Nigel carried on refurbishing the cab of 9008. The nose end was primed among other things.

Thank to you all.


55019 moving to Severn Valley today

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is booked to leave Barrow Hill for its holidays later today, when the loco is due to be collected by 50049 ‘DEFIANCE’ and hauled to the Severn Valley Railway. Departure is booked at 13.40, arriving at Kidderminster SVR at 17.37. Full booked timings can be found HERE.

Volunteer’s View – 30th April 2018

Another report from Graham Clarke:

News from the DPS at Barrow Hill: on Saturday, work continued on 55019, completing exhaust lagging, working on a compressor and installing 2 new auxiliary voltage regulators. These control the output of the auxiliary generators that run the compressors, blowers, vacuum exhausters, fuel pumps and battery charging, 55009 is in for a C exam ready for railtour duty, work carried on on power units. PU 451 got new internal hoses and work towards fitting new main output shaft seals. 55015 had more work done on no.2 cab electrics and these are nearing completion. There are still a few minor bits to deal with following a run up of 55019 late on.

Thanks to Mick, Dave, Pete x 2, Steve, Chris, Stuart, Ray and Mike.

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