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Bluebell Railway ‘DPS40′ – Full Timetable/Loco Roster

The Bluebell Railway has now issued the full timetable and loco roster for the ‘DPS40′ event which is now less than three weeks away (Friday October 6th-Sunday October 8th). It can be downloaded in PDF format by CLICKING HERE.

Tickets for the event can be booked in advance (avoid the queues!), this can be done via the Bluebell Railway site by following THIS LINK. We look forward to seeing many DPS members and followers there.

The Trans-Pennine Deltic Reprise – DPS Member Discount

Further to the posting at the weekend, we are pleased to advise that DPS members can benefit from a £5 reduction on the advertised fares on this tour with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ on December 30th. Please note that this discount cannot be applied to bookings made online, and it will not be possible to issue refunds once a booking has been made. To obtain the discount, please book direct with the Pathfinder Office (by post, phone or fax) giving your names/DPS membership number (s) and a discount of £5 will be given per member (note – this is valid for members only and there is one £5 discount per membership number).

Pathfinder contact details:

Post -  Pathfinder Tours, Stag House, Gydynap Lane, Inchbrook, Woodchester, Gloucestershire, GL5 5EZ. A printable booking form can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

Phone – Tel (01453) 835414 or (01453) 834477.

Fax – (01453) 834053.

Full details concerning the tour can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

The Trans-Pennine Deltic Reprise – Saturday December 30th

Pathfinder Tours have now announced full detail regarding this tour, which takes D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ from York to Liverpool and back. The outward run is via Brighouse and Blackburn, featuring a run over Copy Pit, while the return leg retraces the route of the 19.10 Liverpool-York, which ‘ALYCIDON’ hauled almost 36 years to the day (on December 27th 1981).

The tour starts at Willington, and is Class 68 hauled to York (with pick-ups at Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Doncaster, York and Leeds) and there is an optional ‘mini-tour’ using the Class 68 to turn the stock at Liverpool. We hope to be announce details of  how to book and obtain a discounted fare for DPS members in the next few days – watch this space.

Full details regarding the tour can be found on Pathfinder’s website by CLICKING HERE.

Volunteer’s View – September 2nd 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke…

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill was very successful.  Stuart and Geoff fitted the no.1 end nose air intake grills.  Thanks, it looks complete now. A new volunteer (I am lousy with names, sorry) bolted down the boiler roof.  Thanks, see you again soon.

Various fuel system and engine work was completed on 55019 and the spare power units by Beth and Nigel.  At the end of the day 19 was run up for a few minutes to check for leaking fuel injectors and all was ok.  Thanks.

Mike completed all the greasing jobs and checked the radiator fan gearbox oil levels on 19.  Thanks Mike.

Nat plus one worked on the seat bases and the cab of 55008 generally.  I’m impressed with the paint finish.  Thanks to you both.

I completed the coolant temperature switches at no.2 end of 55019.

Forthcoming events – summary

As a reminder to everyone, here is a summary of forthcoming events

Friday September 22nd-Sunday September 24th: Barrow Hill’s Grand Reopening Gala takes place this weekend and the DPS depot will be open as part of this event which also stars two other types of ECML traction, an A1 and an A3. Full details can be found HERE.

Friday October 6th-Sunday October 8th: The DPS celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year and the Bluebell Railway are kindly holding a special event for us to mark the occasion. Three Deltics will be in operation, with our own D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ being joined by 55002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’, courtesy of the National Railway Museum/KOYLI Group. Martin Walker has advised that 55022 ‘ROYAL SCOTS GREY’ will, unfortunately, not be able to attend as repairs following its failure in July will not be completed in time. Tickets for the event can be booked in advance via the Bluebell Railway’s website HERE.

Saturday October 21st: The next main line tour featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ takes place on this date, taking the loco on a trip to the South Coast. Pathfinder’s ‘Swanage Belle’ starts at Burton, and more information can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

Look out also for an announcement in the next few days regarding another exciting tour with D9009 which is being planned for Saturday December 30th.

Volunteer’s View – August 26th 2017

Graham Clarke is back…

I’ve not posted anything for the last two weeks, due to being on holiday. Last Saturday at Barrow Hill, 55019 had the old boiler compartment painted out by Bob, Martin and Steve. It looks good now. Thank you.

Geoff and Mike cleaned the dust off of 55015 ready for the Barrow Hill grand reopening event. It looks totally different. Thanks to you both.

Nat, her boyfriend and Darrell worked on items for 55008′s cab, including the swanky recovered seats. Thanks very much.

I hosted a visiting member in morning and then tested and started to fit a new high water temperature shut down switch to 55019. Although it’s a new switch, it’s been in stores for well over 30 years. So, I tested it about 10 times for tripping and resetting temperature. It is accurate and repeatable. It might be a little low when it resets, but I am satisfied it performs properly. Teddington Controls build good quality switches and you can still buy the same design all these years later!

Volunteer’s View – August 19th 2017

Stuart Page writes:

With Graham on holiday – yes we do have them but very rarely – I’m reporting on the work over the last weekends at our depot. This last Saturday we held a small meeting regarding volunteers with Hutch, Ray, Beth, Mike and Howard on an interesting subject that will be announced here in time. Beth, Geoff and Natalie were de-rusting, cleaning and painting bolt-on items for 55008 – buffer shrouds, seat frames etc. Nigel worked on p/u 430 with the next part of the project, the removal of the phasing case. I was prepping 55019′s No 2 power unit ready for start up with the help of Natalie. It’s the first time the loco has been ran up since last year when I shut her down after the night photo charter at the Epping and Ongar on October 9th. Nice to hear again and after some checks to the unit that will need rectifying next week, it was shut down. With a board meeting the following day an early close of the depot after a successful day.
Last weeks mid-week team of volunteers, led by Darrell, were doing various tacks including painting around the battery boxes inside the boiler area of 55019 and working on the body shell of 55008. While the previous Saturday Graham, with his now working custom built calibrated temperature test equipment, started on testing the coolant probes on 55019. These give a temperature warning to the driver followed by an engine shut down. The generator from power unit 430 was separated from the engine. All the internals covered in an oily mess. 55008 was being worked on again by Natalie and Darrell who removed the driver’s side window which will have a new Lexan windows as the others have become cloudy over the decades

Volunteer’s View – 5th August 2017

Graham Clarke was at Barrow Hill again…

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill Stuart and Geoff fitted the no.1 end nose air intake grills. Thanks both. This is a difficult job.

Beth, Tom and Nigel worked on moving the disconnected (nearly as it turned out) main generator away from PU430′s engine. Unfortunately, there’s still a bolt stuck between the two. This will have to be sorted out next weekend. Thanks to all three of you.

Thanks to Bob and Steve for their sterling efforts with the cleaning and painting of 19′s boiler compartment.

Ray started making space to unload and erecting another A-frame crane. This will help me use our rail trailer to get a repaired main generator back into the depot and a spare traction motor and an auxiliary generator away for overhaul. Cheers Ray.

I completed adding an air cooling coil to my coolant probe test set. It works well by blowing compressed through it and is much better than waiting for the coolant in the test pot to cool naturally, which takes ages. I used the kit to test one probe repeatedly and it needs the trip temperature lowering by 1c.

Bluebell ‘DPS 40′ event – tickets now on sale

The Bluebell Railway has advised that pre-booked tickets for the DPS 40 event to be held on Friday-Sunday October 6-8 are now on sale. Please see URL:
There are also discounted tickets for visitors staying more than one day.

There will be an intensive timetable throughout the weekend with a 12-carriage set due to run on the last train of the day on both Friday and Saturday evenings at 17.30 from Sheffield Park.

Members may well have heard that Martin Walker’s No. 55022 (currently disguised as No. 55018) suffered a quillshaft failure on July 12 whilst en route to Whitby with a NYMR service. The DPS is in touch with Martin offering any help or advice it can. Martin intends to lift out the power unit using the NYMR’s steam crane and place the unit on a wagon. The generator will then be separated. After that, the phasing case will be taken off in order to get at the failed component. Martin does have a spare quillshaft in stock.

At this stage, Martin has no way of knowing if his Deltic will be returned to good health in time for the DPS 40 event. All of us at the DPS wish him the best in mending this popular Deltic.
In the event of it being unable to attend, the Bluebell Railway still intends to run a three-train service, the only alteration being that there will no longer be a lay-over of a loco, each Deltic staying with its own set of carriages throughout the day. The Bluebell Railway’s Class 09 will be giving brakevan trips in similar fashion to when we last visited. This 09 has recently been repainted into BR green and now carries its original number of D4106.

Volunteer’s View – July 29th 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

The battle continued on Saturday at Barrow Hill.  Some good progress was made coupling up 55019′s exhaust silencers.  One is still poorly aligned to the interconnecting bellows that goes between the power unit and the silencer. We are investigating why and hoping it can be done without taking the roof off again.  The fuel system was also pressurised and showed no leaks.  Thanks Stuart, Pete, Dave and  Nigel.

Geoff worked on painting more parts for power units.  Thanks Geoff.

Beth… worked on power units and Nat 8′s cab.  Thank you both.

Ray also brought along a new industrial vacuum that does a great   Thanks Ray.

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