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The Swanage Belle – Saturday October 21st

Although online advance bookings for this train hauled by D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ have now closed, Pathfinder Tours have advised that they still have seats remaining in all classes – anyone wishing to travel who has not already booked should go along to the Buffet coach [labelled D] to buy tickets (cash only). Pick-up and set down points are Burton (04.30/23.15), Birmingham NS (05.15/22.40), Stourbridge Junction (05.40/22.10), Kidderminster (05.55/21.55), Droitwich Spa (06.20/21.40), Worcester SH (06.30/21.20), Cheltenham Spa (07.00/20.30), Stroud (07.20), Cam & Dursley (20.10).

The outward run is via Swindon, Reading avoider and Winchester, returning via Salisbury, Westbury and Bath Spa. For full timings showing the full route, please see the pages on Open Train Times HERE (outward) and HERE (return). We would welcome any pictures for inclusion on the DPS Website, please send these to .

Volunteer’s View – October 14th 2017

Graham Clarke is back at Barrow Hill…

It was back to normal at Barrow Hill last Saturday after the celebrations last weekend at the fabulous, friendly Bluebell Railway.

55019 got partly cleaned and will be finished over the next week or two. It’s a devil of a job to get off, if you leave it. Thanks to Geoff and Mike.

Nat and her boyfriend carried on refurbishing interior parts for the cab of 55008. They are looking really good. Thanks to both of you.

Pete carried on with rewiring 55015’s cab and exterior lighting. Thanks Pete.

I was a bit delayed and ended up working with our fabricator on new fuel tank connections for 55015. Some have got broken or have disappeared down the years. This went well and we managed to successfully bend some new pipes to the right radius using our hydraulic pipe bender. Bend it a little bit, move it a small amount forwards and bend it again works best. You eventually build up the required radius in small increments. Trying to bend it in one go just buckles the pipe. The first jacking pocket door Steve has sorted out and fitted looks brilliant, especially now it has the catches fitted.

Thanks Ray for preparing to alter our lifting frames tomorrow. This should facilitate easier lifting operations in the future.

Bluebell Postscript

Mike Hallam-Rudd writes…

I would just like to thank all of those who have helped the Society in recent months to get our locos and D9002 ready for this prestigious event which went off without one single hitch. Many people played a part in this event, from those in the background who just got on and did what needed doing, to those in the front seat who showed what the 3 locos could do 35 years after retirement, a credit to ALL who look after them and supported them and the team. Many thanks to all including Darrell and his team of merry volunteers who turn up at all events they can to raise the cash so the engineers can spend it, enabling the jobs to be done.

If you missed the event, well I am sorry but you missed a marvellous weekend. If you have not visited the Bluebell then I would strongly recommend a visit, a lovely line with some well restored period rolling stock and loco’s in beautiful surroundings.


(55019 at Horsted Keynes during the event on 07/10/17)

Return move from Bluebell Railway

There’s just one day left of our 40th Anniversary event at the Bluebell Railway, we hope that everyone who has attended so far has had an enjoyable time.

The return convoy leaves the Bluebell early on Monday morning, with the NRM’s D9002 in charge, heading for Burton (where D9009 will be dropped off, in readiness for The Swanage Belle tour on October 21st) and then to Barrow Hill (to detatch 55019), after which D9002 continues to York. Full timings can be found HERE.

DPS40 at Bluebell – nearly there!

The DPS 40th anniversary event is almost upon us, and the Society looks forward to seeing many members and Deltic followers at the Bluebell Railway over the next three days. Our friends at the Bluebell have been busy promoting the gala, there has even been an advert on Uckfield FM, which you can listen to HERE. The Bluebell’s latest press release regarding the event can be found HERE.

As a reminder, the full timetable with loco allocations for each day can be downloaded HERE, and detailed loco diagrams are also available for D9002 and D9009/55019. We are also pleased to advise that there will also be some miniature Deltic action (7 1/4″ gauge) at Sheffield Park!

55019 update

Stuart Page writes:
Work on 55019 came to a triumph conclusion today with the completion of the 2016/17 maintenance plan and C exam. The examination of the locomotive for the transit move to the Bluebell was also undertaken ready for the move this week on Wednesday 4th October and returning on Monday 9th October. I wish to thank all our volunteers and board members who have been involved with me leading this project since returning from the Epping and Ongar railway last year. It has at times being a very gruelling intense work schedule but without you we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate our 40th year. A big thankyou to you all.
The photograph was taken Saturday evening after the final running checks in the main yard at Barrow Hill.
55019 30-9-17 BH REV

Move to Bluebell Railway – now on October 4th

We have been advised by WCRC that the convoy move from York to the Bluebell Railway will now take place on Wednesday October 4th, rather than Tuesday October 3rd as previously expected. Departure from York is expected to be early morning, with D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’ and D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ running to Barrow Hill to collect 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ before continuing south via Loughborough/Peterborough and the North London Line to East Grinstead.

UPDATE 03/10/17: Full timings can now be found on Realtime Trains by CLICKING HERE.

Volunteer’s View – September 30th 2017

The latest report from Graham Clarke…

Time for an update on progress at DPS Towers at Barrow Hill. Over the last couple of weeks 55019 has been completed to a point where it’s ready to go to the Bluebell Railway for our 40th Anniversary Celebration’s. More work will be needed over next winter on the exhaust system and internal painting. Hopefully, it won’t be of the intensity experienced this year. It’s been too much at times.

Stuart, Chris, Geoff, Bob and Mike completed running checks and the ‘C’ Exam for now. The loco’s also been fully bombed up with oil and coolant for D9009 as well as 19.

Geoff has worked his magic with the polish and it’s hard to tell that 19’s cabs and noses have been painted and the body sides haven’t. Amazing!

Further work on power units was done by Beth and Nigel last week.

Pete’s been busy rewiring no.2 end cab lighting circuits on 55015.. This is now well advanced apart from a minor fault that’s causing a fuse to blow at no.1 end and a disco light show among the instrument lights. Hopefully, it will be easy to find and fix.

Thanks very much indeed to all those who have worked so hard to get 19 ready, progress 15 and help with the successful Barrow Hill reopening event.

And 15’s silencers have arrived from the repairers this week. They are looking good now.

Talk at the Bluebell Railway by Gordon Pettitt

As an added attraction to the Bluebell Railway visit by the three Deltics, Bluebell Railway President, Gordon Pettitt, will be presenting a talk, Trial Trips and Deltic performance on the ECML

Date: Saturday 7th October 2017
Time: 14.15 to 14.45
Venue: Birch Grove Suite which is the function room above the Bessemer Arms Restaurant at Sheffield Park Station. This does have disabled access.

Apart from being BRPS President, Gordon was a Manager on the Eastern Region of British Railways when the Deltics were introduced and so has a unique insight into their performance in the early days and so is obviously of interest to DPS members.

Do tell your friends – Mr Pettitt, also later GM of the Southern Region, has a wealth of anecdotes.

Bluebell ‘DPS40′ event – downloadable loco rosters

In addition to the timetables with loco allocations (available by CLICKING HERE), full diagrams for the individual locos can now be downloaded  for D9002 ( see KOYLI Diagrams Bluebell October 2017 final  ) and D9009/55019  (see DPS Diagrams Bluebell October 2017 final ). Diagrams may be subject to change but all efforts to run as shown here will be undertaken.

Saturday evening sees an EMRPS photographic charter, ‘The Bluebell Deltic Triple’, featuring all three locos, priced at £25 – advance bookings only as numbers are limited. More information is available HERE.

Last week, D9002 and D9009 both had their annual exam carried out at York, and the convoy move to the Bluebell Railway which is expected to take place on Tuesday 3rd October.

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