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D9009 to star at DRS Crewe Open Day

We are pleased to advise that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be one of the guest locos on display at the DRS Open Day at Crewe Gresty Bridge depot on Saturday 23rd July. Entry to the event is £5 – for more details, please visit


04/07/16 York-Grosmont (to collect D213 Andania)

05/07/16 Grosmont-Crewe

‘Alycidon’ puts in a great performance on ‘Deltic Borderer II’

Graham Clarke writes:

Well, what a day!

• Edinburgh and Tweedbank.
• Great to see our Society President Neville and his wife looking well at Tweedbank.
• Lovely Borders scenery with fierce gradients that really made D9009 work.
• A couple of hours in Edinburgh with sunshine.
• A few minutes late away from Edinburgh on the way back to York, but 10 early into York after a barnstorming 100mph performance from ‘ALYCIDON’. Not bad for a 55 year’s old locomotive.
• Voyager in the background at Newcastle to show the contrast in trains proper and the state of ‘progress’.
• Pulled up alongside a new 68 called “Rapid” at York – how appropriate.
• And two birds had a really bad day, one in both directions (Durham again). But, no smashed head code box this time!
• I can’t wait for the next time.
•.Thanks to DBS, Pathfinder, caterers, Riviera, all my DPS colleagues, everybody else I know from today and the rest of those who pay the fares to fund our endeavours.


Hitting the magic 100 mph. (Graham Clarke)


Approaching Stow on the way to Tweedbank. (Alexander Cromarty)


The tour’s destination is reached. (Graham Clarke)

Deltic Borderer 2 Timings

Outline timings for Saturday’s tour featuring D9009 from York to Tweedbank and Edinburgh back to York are now available and can be found on Pathfinder’s website at: . The train leaves York shortly after 08.00 and Newcastle 09.20.

Seats are still available on the trip, which we hope will be a fantastic day out. Full timings will hopefully appear soon.


Volunteer’s View – June 4th

Two reports from this weekend, firstly from Bethany Marsh at the DPS depot:

A very quiet day at Barrow Hill while everyone else was at York on D9009. I Worked with Tom finishing wiring for traction motor cables on one conduit, then moved onto PU430 changing more hoses. Darrell sorted some sales stock out for the upcoming railtour and Ray pottered around the depot doing odd bits. Many thanks to all for their help today.

Graham Clarke was at York, busy on D9009, and writes:

Beth has written about Barrow Hill today, I’ve been at York testing D9009′s batteries and some relays and contactors. We had some difficulties starting two engines on the last tour to Edinburgh. My conclusion is that the batteries don’t see enough use and need a thorough charge. Que the need for an onboard battery charger like on 55022. Thanks Colin and Dave for providing the details of what to get.

The other thing to do is get new stop relay coils. They are way out of specification and drop out before they should at too high a voltage. This tends to cause engines to shut down when the second one is started, because the battery voltage drops quite a lot when the engine is cranking over during a start. The relays drop out due to the drop in battery volts and they should not.

Mike and Nat have also done a great job yesterday and today with Graham from Serco. The axles have passed their three-yearly ultrasonic crack test. Thanks also to Steve, Mick, Pete and Alex for helping out in between tasks on D9002.

Deltic Borderer II – only a month away

The next main line railtour featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is now just a month away, and will see the Deltic repeat its trip from York to Tweedbank and back. Pathfinder Tours, who are promoting the trip, have advised that although more than 300 seats have been sold, there is still currently availability in all four types of accommodation (Standard, First, First Plus and Premier Dining).

For full details regarding the trip, which starts at Derby, please visit THIS PAGE on the Pathfinder Tours website. Remember that the DPS member discount (£5 per member) cannot be applied to online bookings – to obtain your discount, please book by phone or post, quoting your membership number.

Volunteers View – April 30 & May 1

Stuart Page writes from York MPD….

Meetings Meetings Meetings! This was the order for this weekend with our DPS board meeting held at the NRM on Saturday. Being a director and with the amount of work still to be completed on 55019, most of the day was spent on the loco rather than the meeting where other members of the engineering team (Alex, Graham and Pete) were present.
Graham had delivered some spare parts for D9009 and 55019 of which 19’s parts were fitted by me. The serviced drivers M8 brake valves (train brake) being the first. A replacement Spirex valve and some other items were fitted.
Melvyn worked downstairs in the pit checking all bogie work and greasing. Traction motors/brushes were also checked and bearings lubricated. Natalie and Adrian’s first job of the day was boxing in the air intakes of No 2 p/u after the previous weekend’s work of cleaning out the scavenger blower by me. This work was surprisingly quicker compared to the other unit. Natalie, with Adrian, help then prep the loco ready for a test run up of both units, No 2 unit being checked first. Great to hear 19 on two engines again.
D9009 had been positioned in front of 19 for other volunteers to clean after our mainline tour. Sadly the loco remained dirty, due to a lack of available volunteers to carry out the work.
Sunday’s work had both Pete and Alex calibrating the braking system on 19 with myself taking stock of our liquid requirements for our visit to the SVR and our next mainline tour. Adrian built up the drivers desk after the fitting of the M8’s the previous day.
Time for another meeting? Why not! As some of you may know a few of us are founders of the KOYLI group, looking after D9002 and quite a varied selection of other famous diesels under our wing. With our scheduled meeting completed, a test run of 55019 alongside the ECML finished off the weekend. There will be work continuing all this week by KOYLI volunteers on 55019 ready for our departure the following week.

Successful outing to Tweedbank


D9009 heads towards Stow on the Borders Railway on April 9th. Photo courtesy of Jack Beeston.

What a fabulous day it was on Saturday. I’m very pleased with how D9009 performed and looked. As always there are a few niggles, some visible and some on the inside. I need to test some electrical equipment as the loco tended to shut the other engine down when the second one started. Every Deltic I’ve seen does this sometimes and it’s a pain in the you know where.

It was good to see many old friends and meet some new people too. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the many line side photos and videos. Thanks for sharing them.

Meanwhile, at the depot: Geoff, Mike and Deborah Stokes (first visit) carried on work on no.15. Geoff undercoated the generator air intake ducting and stripped the paint off the panel on the back of No1 end Route Indicator box. Deborah and myself cleaned out, vacuumed and wiped both cabs plus located missing floor panels and fitted them, both floors are now complete.

Thanks very much to everyone for their support in so many different ways. The smiles make it worthwhile. Boy was I knackered yesterday mind you!

Graham Clarke

The pictures below show D9009 at Edinburgh and then at York after completing the tour.





Final preparations for Tweedbank

Graham Clarke writes: It’s been a busy couple of weeks, mostly at York preparing and servicing D9009. A lot of newly overhauled brake components have been fitted, AWS components replaced with in date units and engine governor changed. In addition a C2 exam was completed.most of the work was carried out by a mix of KOYLI/NRM volunteers and regular BH volunteers. A big thank you to everyone. See you if you are on the train to Edinburgh and Tweedbank. And yes, the numbers and arrows are wrong. A unique opportunity and work in progress to fix it.

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