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Severn Valley Railway gala – roster

The roster for the Severn Valley Railway diesel gala on Thursday 2nd October-Saturday 4th October has now been released. Our Deltics are booked to haul the following trains:

D9009: Spare
55019: 10.40 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.54 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 15.23 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 17.42 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

D9009: 12.37 Kidderminster-Bewdley, 13.35 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 14.35 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 16.54 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster
55019: 08.55 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 09.55 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 18.25 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 20.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

D9009: 09.10 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 16.11 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 18.25 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.
55019: 11.05 Kidderminster-Bewdley, 11.56 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 12.59 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 16.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 18.25 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 20.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

A full timetable with details of all loco rosters can be found by CLICKING HERE.

ELR Diesel Gala – 27th & 28th September


This coming weekend sees D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ in action alongside many other locos at the East Lancashire Railway as part of its Autumn Diesel Gala. D9009 is booked to work the following services:


13.40 Bury-Rawtenstall, 14.26 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 15.45 Heywood-Bury


11.00 Bury-Rawtenstall, 11.46 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 13.05 Heywood-Bury

A full timetable with loco allocations can be downloaded from the ELR Diesel Group website by CLICKING HERE.

D9009 update

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ performed another 2 faultless days at the ELR on September 6th & 7th. Many thanks to Ady, Rory, Andy from the ELR and Nigel B & Tom P from the DPS. Commiserations to stalwart Stuart Page who after being with 55019 at the SVR on the Friday set off for the ELR and did not make it due to engine failure on his beloved Vauxhall Calibra (he has just informed me he has just picked up another). A 12 hour journey by the AA ensued from the M6 to Tallington, nr Stamford.

D9009 is out again on both days of the ELR Gala (September 27th & 28th) before going to join 19 for the SVR Gala on October 2nd4th where a wreath will be carried on 19 in honour of Martin Harris.

Just a reminder that D9009 NEEDS a clean and it is planned to do this on September 20th at Baron Street ELR. The DPS Depot will be closed as it is planned to finish all works for Model Rail Live on 13th. Any offers of help should be directed to Mike Hallam-Rudd – please see the ‘Contact’ page on this site or the back of ‘Deltic Deadline’.

D9009 operating at ELR on September 6th & 7th

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is the booked power for the diesel diagram at the East Lancashire Railway this coming weekend (September 6th/7th). The diagram on both days is as follows:

09.30 Bury-Rawtenstall, 10.15 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 11.30 Heywood-Rawtensall, 12.45 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 14.10 Heywood-Rawtenstall, 15.15 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 16.20 Heywood-Bury.

D9009 to join 55019 for SVR Gala

The Severn Valley Railway’s Diesel Gala, which takes place on Thursday 2nd October-Saturday 4th October, will feature D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ as well as 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ which has been visiting the line for the season. D9009 will move from the East Lancashire Railway after the gala there on 27th/28th September, and will return to the ELR with 55019 in tow in time for the East Coast weekend on 11th/12th October.

55019 to operate at ELR on November 8th

Following its summer visit to the Severn Valley Railway, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will return north via the East Lancashire Railway, where it will operate for one day only on Saturday 8th November. This is the day after D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ haules the evening ‘Diesel Diner’ (see story further down) so will provide a good weekend of ‘Deltic’ action.

The full list of running days at the ELR for the remainder of the visit reads:

Saturday/Sunday 6th/7th September (D9009 on diesel diagram), Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th September (D9009 running at Diesel Gala),  Saturday/Sunday October 11th/12th (D9009 running at ECML event), Friday 7th November (D9009 on Diesel Diner), Saturday 8th November (55019 running on Diesel Theme Day), Monday 10th November (D9009 on Diesel Footplate Experience).

D9009 to work ‘Diesel Diner’ at ELR on November 7th

We are pleased to announce that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be the motive power for the East Lancashire Railway’s ‘Diesel Diner’ which runs on Friday 7th November. The evening trip on board the ELR’s dining set will be accompanied by a three course meal with tea or coffee and after dinner mints. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to dine in style behind a ‘Deltic’! For more information, and for details of how to book, please see the ELR’s Dining Programme booklet which can be downloaded by clicking here.

D9009 passes Engineering Acceptance Exam

On Thursday 31 July, D9009 successfully passed it’s annual Engineering Acceptance Exam yesterday to allow the loco to run on Network Rail Controlled Infrastructure for the next 12 months. The loco was also run up on both engines all was found to be well.

The DPS would be pleased to hear from any tour promoters or other parties interested in hiring D9009 for use on the main line, please see for more information and contact details.


D9009 undergoing its exam at the ELR. (Alex Williams)


ELR roster update

Further to the news story published yesterday, we are pleased to advise that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will be operating the Diesel Diagram at the ELR on Saturday 6th September and Sunday 7th September. Please note however that the loco will not be operating on Saturday 13th September as was previously envisaged.

In addition to the above dates, D9009 is expected to be one of the many locos in use at the ELR gala on September 27/28, further details of which should be available in the next few weeks.

ELR Running Update

Please note that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will not be operating at the East Lancashire Railway this weekend (August 2nd/3rd) as originally listed several months ago, as the ELR has a requirement for driver training on its Class 47 which will be used. An update on further ELR running dates will hopefully appear in the next few days.

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