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ELR Diesel Gala – 27th & 28th September


This coming weekend sees D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ in action alongside many other locos at the East Lancashire Railway as part of its Autumn Diesel Gala. D9009 is booked to work the following services:


13.40 Bury-Rawtenstall, 14.26 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 15.45 Heywood-Bury


11.00 Bury-Rawtenstall, 11.46 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 13.05 Heywood-Bury

A full timetable with loco allocations can be downloaded from the ELR Diesel Group website by CLICKING HERE.

SVR weekday diesel turn – your last chance!

The final booked weekday workings with  55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Severn Valley Railway take place later this week. The ‘Deltic’ is the rostered loco for the diesel turn on Wedneday 24th September to Friday 26th September, and will work the usual services, namely:

11.40 Kidderminster-Highley, 14.05 Highley-Bridgnorth, 15.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

55019 will also be in action at the SVR Diesel Gala on Thursday 2nd October-Saturday 4th October, along with D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’, which will be arriving from the ELR early next week.

New Sales Catalogue

A new DPS Sales Catalogue is now available and can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. It features a wide selection of models from both Bachmann and Heljan, together with books, DVDs, clothing, mugs and various other items. Darrell and the sales team would be delighted to receive your orders – an order form can be downloaded from HERE.


Volunteer’s View – 13/09/14

This week’s report comes from Graham Clarke:

It was a productive day at Barrow Hill yesterday. We swept along the wall side of the depot nearest the Roundhouse ready for the ‘Barrow Hill Live’ model event in two weeks time. More muck was removed from under D9015′s no.2 end. The museum was cleaned and the coach too. I sorted out gaskets and tools for doing the ultrasonic axle test on 55019 next weekend. I then sorted out the field connections for D9015′s auxiliary generators and then found that the battery charging ammeter is dragging down insulation resistance of the battery charging circuit to a level I don’t like. I’ll have to look further into the problem in a couple of weeks. We have no spare ones and even D9009 has the wrong one that reads the wrong way around. So that’s another conundrum to solve, as well as a broken bolt in the ammeter shunt. There’s always something! Mike also put out the kit for the cleaning of D9009 also next weekend. Thanks to Geoff, Steve, Tom and Mike.

D9009 update

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ performed another 2 faultless days at the ELR on September 6th & 7th. Many thanks to Ady, Rory, Andy from the ELR and Nigel B & Tom P from the DPS. Commiserations to stalwart Stuart Page who after being with 55019 at the SVR on the Friday set off for the ELR and did not make it due to engine failure on his beloved Vauxhall Calibra (he has just informed me he has just picked up another). A 12 hour journey by the AA ensued from the M6 to Tallington, nr Stamford.

D9009 is out again on both days of the ELR Gala (September 27th & 28th) before going to join 19 for the SVR Gala on October 2nd4th where a wreath will be carried on 19 in honour of Martin Harris.

Just a reminder that D9009 NEEDS a clean and it is planned to do this on September 20th at Baron Street ELR. The DPS Depot will be closed as it is planned to finish all works for Model Rail Live on 13th. Any offers of help should be directed to Mike Hallam-Rudd – please see the ‘Contact’ page on this site or the back of ‘Deltic Deadline’.

D9009 operating at ELR on September 6th & 7th

D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is the booked power for the diesel diagram at the East Lancashire Railway this coming weekend (September 6th/7th). The diagram on both days is as follows:

09.30 Bury-Rawtenstall, 10.15 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 11.30 Heywood-Rawtensall, 12.45 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 14.10 Heywood-Rawtenstall, 15.15 Rawtenstall-Heywood, 16.20 Heywood-Bury.

55019 on SVR mid-week diagram this week

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is the rostered motive power for the Severn Valley Railway’s midweek diesel diagram from tomorrow (Tuesday) until Friday. The booked workings, which provide an ‘easy day out’ with a break at Highley, are:

11.40 Kidderminster-Highley, 14.05 Highley-Bridgnorth, 15.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

Two steam locos will also be in action and the full timetable can be found at

Volunteer’s view – 30/08/14

This week’s report comes from Darrell Marsh:

Today at the depot with myself were Geoff, Ray and Robin. Geoff continued removing the crud from underneath No2 end. It appears there is more under this end than No1 end but seems to be coming off easier. Ray and Robin continued with various jobs around the depot. As i was unable to do the jobs I planned (no extra hands to help), I decided to empty, clean and re-stock the sales display stand and shelves at the bottom of the depot behind Tulyar then prepared stock for next weekend at the Soar Valley Railway Exhibition in Loughborough.

55019 on SVR Diesel Diagram tomorrow

As advised earlier this month, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is the booked power for the diesel diagram at the Severn Valey Railway tomorrow (Saturday 30th August). The diagram is:

09.55 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 11.55 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 13.30 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 15.40 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster

It is planned that 55019 will carry a wreath in memory of Martin Harris, former Volunteer Liaison Officer for the loco, who passed away suddenly last month.

Volunteers view – 23/08/14

Graham Clarke writes:

Mike, Geoff, Tom P and I have been to the SVR today. The others have been washing and trying to polish 55019 in between the heavy showers. They are good for rinsing, but that’s all. It looks nice though and it’s out next Saturday with me as travelling fitter. I’ve been testing engine temperature probes. It did not go very well and I need a more accurate heat source and a more accurate way to measure the temperature. Back to the drawing board, although the warning lights for high water temperature are working ok.

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