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D9009 unavailable for ‘The Waverley Re-Union’

The DPS regrets to advise that D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ will not be available to haul ‘The Waverley Re-Union’ tour from Birmingham to Tweedbank on January 5th 2019. This is a disappointment for all involved, and the first occasion that D9009 has had to be pulled from a charter commitment since its return to the main line in 2012. The loco requires a bogie exchange, which will have to be followed by re-certification, essential for continued main-line running. Unfortunately, the workshop time required to complete the necessary work means we are unable to guarantee the loco’s availability for the tour.

Replacement motive power has been identified, and agreed, with the train’s operator (DB Cargo) and Network Rail, in the form of Class 50s, provided by our friends at the Class Fifty Alliance (CFA).

Pathfinder will be contacting those who have booked on this tour in the next few days. If you are happy with the change of motive power you need do nothing – your Boarding Pass(es) will be sent to you, as usual, during the week before the excursion runs. However, if you would prefer to cancel because of the lack of ‘Deltic’ motive power please contact the Pathfinder Office.

Looking ahead, we are aiming to return D9009 to service in time to work the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust tour on March 3rd 2019, and Pathfinder plans to run another excursion hauled by ‘ALYCIDON’ on May 11th 2019. Full details will be released later in December.

55019 on the move

Further to yesterday’s message, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is now back at Barrow Hill following its visit to the Spa Valley and Great Central Railways. The picture below, kindly supplied by Steve Rimell, shows the loco at the Abnormal Load Holding Point by Junction 28 on the M1 last night.


55019 move GCR to Barrow Hill

Following its successful visit to the Great Central Railway, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is due to arrive back at the DPS depot at Barrow Hill tomorrow (November 7th). Its return concludes a highly successful 2018 season, which has seen ’19 visit the Severn Valley, West Somerset, Keighley & Worth Valley, Spa Valley and Great Central Railways. Watch this space for news on 2019 in the coming months.

Volunteer’s View – October 27th to November 3rd 2018

The latest from Graham Clarke…

Work has continued on 55015 on some days during the last two weeks and on Saturdays at Barrow Hill.

The compressors are now in, piped up and bolted down. A lot of time has been spent working out what parts need obtaining and finding things on the storage racks where items removed and refurbished are stored. Most of the nuts and bolts were bagged and tagged when they were removed. This has helped, but there are still some shortages. There are also a number of air system pipe fittings missing that need identifying and buying.

The main tasks underway at the moment are: completing the fitting of air tanks, finishing fitting out the engine room walls, a general clean up and completion of the electrical rebuild and testing.

A set of brake valves is also being assembled ready to go away to Railway Brake Services for overhaul. The driver’s brake valve are already in stock and ready to fit.

The buffer beams behind the buffers have also been cleaned and painted along with the buffers having the paint removed. They also need the springs changing, but I’m not sure yet how to achieve that. It’s a dangerous job, if you don’t know what you are doing, due to the springs being held under compression. You need to compress the springs in order to remove the backing nut and washer. This then allows the spring to be decompressed in a controlled way. If you don’t do that the internal parts of the buffer will explode in you face when you take the nut off.

As is often the case it is the preparation of jobs that takes the time. Doing them is often the easy bit, if you have everything you need to complete a job.

A big thank you to: Pete, Dave, Martin, Mick P, Mick C, Steve P, Ken, Steve M, Jon, Geoff, Mike and Ray.

Thanks also to the team on 55008’s cab. Nat, Beth, Nigel and James. We are attempting to get the cab inside the depot to allow work to continue over the winter. Hopefully, this maybe possible over the coming weeks, by moving things around.

I’ve been preparing for the difficult job of soldering on the traction motor connections that connect the main electrical supply to 4 of the traction motors in the back of the control cubicles. I was hoping to use crimp terminals, but they won’t fit. With Steve’s help, I removed them ready for soldering instead. Fortunately, I kept the original terminals safe.

Finally, I must also thank John and Harry for their help with finance and vastly improving the appearance of the depot with new safety barriers and signage.

Volunteer’s View – October 20th/21st 2018

Graham Clarke writes… I was at the GCR on Thursday morning and on Saturday/Sunday. Saturday was Members’ day. It was good to see old friends and one or two new ones too. Sunday was a normal running day with three round trips. It was nice that the GCR could arrange for one of our members to have a cab ride on the first trip. Thanks also to our driver John. 55019 performed well, although there is a small problem with losing auxiliary power at one end of the loco or the other, if both engines are running. I know what’s happening and how to work around it to get everything working. I need to do more tests on various bits of equipment to fully diagnose what needs replacing. I didn’t have the equipment away from Barrow Hill to do that.

During the week, the guys from York kindly finished fitting the draw hooks and dropped the compressors into 55015. Thanks to Pete and his team for the help. It is really appreciated.

GCR DPS Members Day success

The DPS Members Day with 55019 at the Great Central Railway on Saturday was extremely well attended, with many people enjoying trips behind ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ which has had a busy 2018 season. It was a particularly notable day for one member, Jonathan Wilcox, who achieved his ambition of travelling 10,000  miles behind 55019 before his 30th birthday (which is in December). Jonathan first rode behind ‘RHF’ at the GCR when he was just four months old on April 30th 1989, and when the loco was based at the Great Central Railway and East Lancaster Railway, missed very few running days (thanks largely due to his father Pete being part of the loco support crew). The pictures below show him with 55019 at the GCR in 1991 and again at the DPS members day last Saturday.



Volunteer’s View – Saturday October 13th 2018

A report from the DPS depot by Graham Clarke:

It was a quiet day at the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill on Saturday. I was on my own for part of the day until Darrell arrived to dismantle some scaffolding to allow the cab of 55008 to be moved to access a bogie parked behind it. Thanks Darrell.

I spent the day cleaning out our inspection pit. It was a bit untidy to say the least.

During the week Ray organised for new light to go up outside the main depot entrance and down the pathway to our mess cabin and office. It’s makes fumbling with keys to the Depot much easier in the dark! A number of electrical items received safety tests at the same time. The previous week it was forklift repairs to our diesel machine that had a battery charging fault. Thanks Ray.

On Thursday I took delivery of an overhauled traction motor and an auxiliary generator from Sulzer. Thanks to them. The forklift worked perfectly and it didn’t rain on me for a change! The traction motor is a spare one to support mostly D9009 in the event of a failure. The auxiliary generator will go onto one of our spare power units ready to go into probably 55015.

DPS members day next weekend

Next Saturday (October 20th) see the DPS Members Day take place at the Great Central Railway. Further to the previous notification regarding free travel on the Deltic hauled daytime services with wristbands, the GCR has asked that, where possible, DPS members should join the train at Loughborough where these will be available. The TTIs on board the train will also have a few wristbands available – please do not attempt to obtain at Quorn, Rothley and Leicester booking offices.

As a reminder, the trains hauled by 55019 will be 10.20/12.00/14.00 ex Loughborough and 11.05/12.45/14.45 ex Leicester North. In addition, ‘RHF’ will also work the evening Fish & Chip special for those who have pre-booked on this.

55019 will also be in action at the GCR on Sunday 21st October working the same daytime services as above. Standard fares apply on this day.


Volunteer’s View – Saturday October 6th

Graham Clarke is back from his travels:

It’s been a little while since my last update from the Deltic Preservation S Depot at Barrow Hill. I’ve been away on holiday photographing trains in Southern California. The trains are bigger there, much longer, heavier and more locos. The scenery is also spectacular.

Anyway, that’s enough from overseas. The office upstairs in the second floor cabin now has a new worktop without a superfluous water heater and sink. We already have one in the mess room downstairs. The double door filling cabinets are in place and two tables are coming to work at. Finance, engineering and volunteer records are going in steadily. Thanks to Ray, John, Mike, Dave and Geoff.

The cab of ‘THE GREEN HOWARDS’ is now looking tidy in green primer. Thanks to Nat, Beth, Nigel and James.

15 now has the couplings back in and new split cotter pins to lock the huge 4” across fixing nut in place. While they were out, the hooks were checked for wear and professionally crack tested. Everything is in good order. Thanks to Pete, Steve, Dave G and Mick.

Dave and Pete also looked at a damaged thread in the casting where the engine coolant temperature probes fit. It’s going to need a replacement thread putting in or an oversized dry pocket fitting. Thanks. Yesterday was partly with Pete and Hairy Steve planning for working parties on ‘TULYAR’ and sorting out ready for that. It’s exciting to think about increased progress and the possibility of loco completion.

Steve was busy painting buffer beams and inside jacking pockets. Thanks.

Ray’s also been busy on forklift maintenance, depot electrical maintenance and lifting tackle.. All stuff that goes largely unnoticed, but is essential to the safe operation of the depot. John has also obtained new safety banners and display banners. It’s a big visual improvement.

If I have missed anyone or anything, then I apologise in advance. I’ve not been around.

DPS Members Day/Deltic Running Weekend at GCR – October 20th/21st

The next event featuring 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Great Central Railway will take place on October 20th/21st, when the Deltic is rostered to work three round daytime trips on both days (10.20/12.00/14.00 ex Loughborough and 11.05/12.45/14.45 ex Leicester North).

The Saturday also doubles up as DPS Members Day and on this day, DPS members can travel for free on these Deltic hauled services on production of a valid DPS membership card (one ticket per member), and you will be given a wristband, which will also entitle you to a free pint on the evening Fish & Chip special if you have booked on that (please note that this is currently fully booked). During the day, there will be the chance to meet and chat with several DPS board members, and there will also be a raffle with the chance to win a cab ride on 55019. Darrell will also have a number of Sales items for sale. We look forward to seeing many members at this event.

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