Volunteer’s View – September 17th 2016

It’s been quiet at Barrow Hill today with just new volunteer Peter and I there. Most others were Epping and Ongaring.

One of 15′s traction motor blowers had its terminal box finished properly. I can see why it was mysteriously unfinished! Some of the wires are just too short to go over the terminals with the terminal board in place. They have to go on before it’s screwed in and there are 4 loose metal standoffs that go under the board and through which the fixing screws pass! They had to be glued to the back of the board to stop them falling off, otherwise it was impossible to fit them. Thanks Peter for fixing this.

After lunch we completed connecting up 15′s positive and negative auxiliary power cables and tested them for correct connection and insulation resistance. They passed the tests. The positive cables go from the battery isolating switch (BIS) to one starting contactor at each end the negatives form a ring between the BIS and the two negative bus bars. There is another large negative cable that goes from each negative bus bar to the second start contactor at each end. Another cable then carries on and becomes the main negative connection to each auxiliary generator. Now, both ends of the loco are connected together again and it will allow the many control circuits to be progressively reconnected and tested.

Epping Ongar gala roster

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ left the Great Central Railway for Epping Ongar, where it will star in this weekend’s diesel gala, yesterday. The rostered workings for 55019 on ll three days (Friday September 16th-Sunday September 18th) are as follows:

10.28 Epping Forest-Ongar, 12.15 Ongar-Epping Forest, 13.48 Epping Forest-Ongar, 15.35 Ongar-Epping Forest, 17.15 Ongar-North Weald.

Additional Saturday workings:

18.15 Ongar-Epping Forest, 19.45 Ongar-Epping Forest, 21.15 Ongar-North Weald.

The full timetable for the event, complete with loco allocations, can be downloaded in PDF format form the Epping Ongar Railway website by CLICKING HERE.

GCR report

Graham Clarke writes:

On Saturday, I wasn’t at Barrow Hill, I was with Beth and two Mikes at the Great Central Railway at Loughborough. It was their diesel gala and I was keeping an eye on 55019 whilst it’s running today with Beth. The traction motor blower motor that I repaired is holding up for now. I’ve enjoying the company and seeing a Deltic running for a change and not in a million pieces.


55019 is leaving the GCR for the Epping Ongar Railway today (September 14th).

Volunteer’s View – September 8th 2016

This report by Graham Clarke on the repairs undertaken to 55019:

I went Loughborough, where I’ve temporarily fixed 55019′s fried traction motor blower wiring.  It will need a new terminal board over the winter, because the terminal lug that burned out has damaged the terminal board and the terminal stud is loose.  It’s OK for now and the connections are tight.

It was difficult to get at and it wasn’t comfortable leaning in to get at the motor wedged between the blower fan cowl and the fire bottles with one foot on the compressor frame.

The job involved:

1.  disconnecting the damaged connections ; 2.  cutting off the insulating tape inside the motor to expose the field connection and disconnecting it ; 3.  Pulling out the old wire to the terminal box ; 4.  Pulling the new one in and connecting it to the field coil ; 5.  Soldering on the connecting lug to the new wire at the end that bolts to the terminal in the terminal box – this was really difficult, due to the design of the lug, which is terrible and is probably why the failure happened in the first place (the solder runs out and I am not an expert soldering with a flame) ; 6.  Bolting the terminals up to the power supply cable ; 7.  Re-taping the field connection and varnishing it to seal out damp ; 8.  Running up the loco and checking the blowers are working properly, which they are.

EOR Deltic Diner – more details

The ‘Deltic Diner’ at the Epping Ongar Railway on Friday October 7th, hauled by 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’, will be in the form of a ‘Fish & Chip Special’.

The evening starts at North Weald Station and includes two round trips from North Weald to Epping Forest,  Ongar and back during which you will be served Fish and Chips and dessert at your table.  The EOR have pulled together a number of nifty shunting moves to ensure that the star of the evening, Royal Highland Fusilier,  hauls the majority of the services.
There’s ample parking from 6:00pm at North Weald Station but no Epping Ongar Railway buses this evening. We return to North Weald for the last time at around 9.30pm.

A DPS members discount of £5 on the standard price of £30 is available – please use this code DD£5 to claim the discount and bring your membership card with you on the evening. You will need to pay the full fare if you don’t bring your membership card with you on the night.

If you have any queries please call the EOR on 01277 365200 or email enquiries@eorailway.co.uk

Bookings can be made via this link: http://eorailway.co.uk/events/dining-trains/


55019 at GCR this weekend

55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ moved to the Great Central Railway as planned yesterday, ready to star at the GCR Diesel Gala this weekend. The loco’s rostered turns are as follows:

Saturday 10th September: 10.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 11.15 Leicester North-Loughborough, 12.45 Loughborough-Leicester North, 13.30 Leicester North-Loughborough, 15.00 Loughborough-Leicester North, 15.45 Leicester North-Loughborough, BEEREX 19.20 Leicester North-Loughborough, BEEREX 20.35 Leicester North-Loughborough. The two BEEREX workings are being operated in topand tail mode, with 37714 hauling both trains from Loughborough-Leicester North.

Sunday 11th September: 10.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 11.15 Leicester North-Loughborough, 13.30 Loughbrough-Rothley Brook (train returns behind D5830), 16.30 Loughborough-Leicester North, 17.15 Leicester North-Loughborough.

Further details and full timetables can be downloaded from the GCR website – please CLICK HERE.

Extra dates at Epping Ongar Railway

We are pleased to announce an extra couple of dates featuring 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Epping Ongar Railway. In addition to the Diesel Gala on Friday 16th-Sunday 18th September, the loco will now be used on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th October. Friday is planned to be Driver Experience in the afternoon, followed by a ‘Deltic’ hauled dining train, while the Saturday will see the loco make its final runs on the line.

More details to follow in due course!

Royal Highland Fusilier repairs

Graham Clarke has been busy again…

The field end connection is soldered to the new cable and the terminal box end fitting is removed from the old cable and cleaned. Everything’s ready for fitting on Thursday at Loughborough. I’m glad I have a blow lamp. None of my electric soldering irons are up to this job!


Kidderminster TMD signing off

Stuart Page’s final report from the SVR’s Kidderminster depot:

Two and a half months of hard work in repairing 55019, which included additional work discovered and the reason for the break down in the air pipe in the first place, concluded with the Members Day special. This didn’t go quite to plan with pre-running checks Friday evening, when the No 2 end traction motor blower junction box connections melted during the running of the locomotive. On previous 2 1/2 hr test ruining a few weeks earlier everything was fine. As per Graham’s report yesterday, this will be repaired on Thursday.

55019 will be leaving Kidderminster by load loader on Tuesday for its week stay at the Great Central Railway where the loco will appear at the line’s diesel gala as well as being used on Driver Experience.

Thanks to the SVR for allowing us use of the new TMD facilities and the DTG in helping with repairs. I must also add Adrian, who has helped me for the whole period of repairs.

The photos below show the loco on Saturday morning at 6am in the sunshine (yes, there was some early on) and at Bewdley on the evening run from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.



DPS volunteer Bethany Marsh in the press

Members will, we are sure, be delighted to know that one of our engineering team, Bethany Marsh, has made it on to the front cover of this month’s ‘Rail Express’ magazine, which is on sale at many retail outlets and newsagents. The magazine carries a feature on young engineers in preservation, focusing primarily on Beth and her achievements. To see the cover, please visit the Rail Express website by CLICKING HERE.

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