A busy weekend at Kidderminster

Stuart Page writes:

It was another busy weekend, with Adrian and myself continuing repairs to 55019 and the fitting of the nose grills. Final prepping of the bodywork where minor work along the cabside and bogies has also been completed. An interesting photo shown here of a very rare opportunity of seeing whats in a nose end. The nose is crammed with different equipment with very little room left – air tanks, traction motor, fire protection, 2 X compressors, brake and electric equipment and can be stood inside without hitting the roof section. The red arrow indicates the connection of the leaking air pipe that could only be accessed by the removing of the nose grill.

The cab side has already got to the stage of glossing but these photos will be released next week once completed – hoping for cooler weather too.

nose grill



New DPS Sales catalogue available

The society’s new Sales Catalogue is now available to download and can be obtained by CLICKING HERE. We’ve got models, books, DVDs, clothing, mugs, tankards and even some confectionary! Darrell will be delighted to take your orders, or alternatively, please visit the sales stand at Sour Valley Model Raileay Exhibition (September 3rd/4th), Great Central Railway (September 10th/11th) or Epping Ongar Railway (September 17th/18th).


GCR Driver Experience details

More details regarding the Great Central Railway’s Driver Experience course using 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’, which takes place on Friday 9th September (with an additional day on Thursday 8th September if there is sufficient demand), ncan be found below. Each participant will receive the following:

* Drive the loco one way from Loughborough to Leiester North,  and act as ‘Second Man’ on the return leg (or vice versa).
* A full round trip in the rear cab with the DPS Fitter
* Four Complimentary Guest Tickets
* A GCR presentation pack and a Certificate of the day (to be collected from the GCR Booking Office).
The price for the day is £350 – to book, please call the GCR direct on  01509 632323

Volunteer’s View – August 13th

Graham Clarke was at Barrow Hill on Saturday….

Saturday at Barrow Hill was jacking up power units to put them on proper feet and finishing the link bars that go between the skates. The latter item was completed and some progress was made with one unit’s generator on proper feet and the engine ready to lift. More foot bolts and timber packing are coming this week. Thanks to Colin, Tom, Mike and Ray.

Footplate Experience Update

Places are still available on the Footplate Experience courses with 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at the Great Central Railway, which are taking place on September 8th & 9th (the Thursday/Friday before the line’s Diesel Gala, which 55019 will be starring at).

The Driver Experience courses at the Epping Ongar Railway have, as expected, proved to be popular are now sold out – sorry if you missed out!

Kidderminster TMD Update

A large amount of work over the last seven weeks on 55019 came to a head at the weekend. A plan on replacing a defective air pipe in no 2 end nose which needed the bodyside grills removing to access one of the two pipe connections became a more substantial job. Part of the traction motor air intake frame needed urgent attention. All drivers side nose equipment has been removed and repairs to the locomotive carried out and parts refitted with the project lead by Stuart Page. After static running tests on Saturday were completed, Sunday morning, the locomotive was used as the Kidderminster station pilot. A more detailed account of the work carried out will be in the next Deltic Deadline. Thanks to Adrian for assisting on Saturday and Roger Radcliffe on Sunday. Work will continue over the next few weeks in completing external body work and repaint.

Below, 55019 is seen at Kidderminster station on August 7th. (Photo & Text: Stuart Page) 19KR

Volunteer’s View – August 6th

A round up of the day at Barrow Hill from Graham Clarke:

It’s been a busy day at Barrow Hill. We managed to bolt the main generator back on to power unit 419. It took three jacks to twist the generator, tip it a bit and slowly get the bolts in a few at a time, before it could be tightened up and pulled back onto the engine. Please don’t anybody ever unbolt one like that again. It needs doing on the proper splitting stand.

The covers were removed from the unused marine mounting points at the free end of each of the four engines that are moving, the threads were cleaned and checked and bolts run in to check them. They will have temporary brackets fitted for jacking purposes. The engine stands were all put in the right places for fitting to the power units next weekend. Three of the four units are stood on loose wooden blocks and can’t be moved like that.

By the end of the day the first unit to be moved was on skates with packing plates in place and one link bar made and fitted.

I really thought we were in big trouble with the generator, but we have managed to recover the situation without too much trouble, it could have not worked.

Some work was done on radiator mountings and engine mounting feet bolts. Beth wrote up job cards listing what work each power unit needs and Darrell sorted sales items.

Thanks to Colin, Tom, Geoff, Steve and those already mentioned.

Volunteer’s View – July 30

Graham Clarke reports on another busy day….

At Barrow Hill yesterday, we were getting ready for moving our spare power units. The jacks arrived on Friday a week early. A big thank you Stapleford Hydraulics. I put them together with help from new volunteer Colin and Tom. Tom then helped me put the ex Power unit 451 generator on the floor off the skates.

Meanwhile, John, Geoff, Colin and Mike moved benches, lockers and knocked a wall down. As well, they prepared some radiator hanger brackets for 15′s cooler groups.

We all finished the day struggling to pick up power unit 419. It’s proving a challenge to bolt up the generator ready for lifting.

D9009 returns to York

Following its visit to Crewe, where it was displayed at the DRS Gresty Bridge Open Day, D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ returned to York NRM on July 27. Here the loco is seen a Colton Junction, just a few miles short of its destination.


Volunteer’s View – July 22/23

There were two busy days at Barrow Hill on Friday July 22nd and Saturday July 23rd as the depot was rearranged. Here are two reports, the first from Bethany Marsh who was busy on the Friday:

Traded a day at Wabtec to go play with some engines as you do on a Friday. A lot of progress made at the DPS Depot today as both PU451 and PU417 were lifted off the Warflat they have been on for years onto the Depot floor. It’s been challenging to get to this point and I’m glad to be a part of it, many thanks to everyone who put alot of time into making it happen. Now I have some more engines to play on -  sure to keep us all busy. Many thanks to Darrell, Graham, Mike, Melvyn, and Colin from Merrits.

Graham Clarke was there on the Saturday:

It’s been a busy couple of days at Barrow Hill. The two power units are now off the Warflat and on the workshop floor. I didn’t expect to get it done this weekend, but with Beth’s help, the failed generator is off unit 451. Today, I jacked it up and put it on skates, and with the help of 4 others moved it to where it can be lifted onto a rail trolley to get it out the shed and away for overhaul. A replacement fully overhauled machine is coming back from Sulzer to replace it.

Judging by the amount of oil round the back of the generator, I suspect the engine output shaft that the generator attaches to may be leaking from its seal that will need replacing. This will have damaged the generator insulation and caused insulation failure, which was the reason I failed it.

The shoe plates that will go under the power unit feet and on top of the skates to link everything together for towing them out of the current store have arrived and were primed today by Steve ready for painting.

Mike tidied up the collection of pallets and detritus around and in the stores ready for the big power unit move in a few weeks time. We need space for Merrit’s huge forklift.

Thanks to Merritt’s, Beth, Darrell, Steve, Mike and Robin for a successful weekend.


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