‘Alycidon’ puts in a great performance on ‘Deltic Borderer II’

Graham Clarke writes:

Well, what a day!

• Edinburgh and Tweedbank.
• Great to see our Society President Neville and his wife looking well at Tweedbank.
• Lovely Borders scenery with fierce gradients that really made D9009 work.
• A couple of hours in Edinburgh with sunshine.
• A few minutes late away from Edinburgh on the way back to York, but 10 early into York after a barnstorming 100mph performance from ‘ALYCIDON’. Not bad for a 55 year’s old locomotive.
• Voyager in the background at Newcastle to show the contrast in trains proper and the state of ‘progress’.
• Pulled up alongside a new 68 called “Rapid” at York – how appropriate.
• And two birds had a really bad day, one in both directions (Durham again). But, no smashed head code box this time!
• I can’t wait for the next time.
•.Thanks to DBS, Pathfinder, caterers, Riviera, all my DPS colleagues, everybody else I know from today and the rest of those who pay the fares to fund our endeavours.


Hitting the magic 100 mph. (Graham Clarke)


Approaching Stow on the way to Tweedbank. (Alexander Cromarty)


The tour’s destination is reached. (Graham Clarke)

Deltic Borderer 2 Timings

Outline timings for Saturday’s tour featuring D9009 from York to Tweedbank and Edinburgh back to York are now available and can be found on Pathfinder’s website at:http://www.pathfindertours.co.uk/index.php/news01/items/confirmed-timings-for-the-deltic-borderer-ii-running-on-saturday-18th-june-2016.html . The train leaves York shortly after 08.00 and Newcastle 09.20.

Seats are still available on the trip, which we hope will be a fantastic day out. Full timings will hopefully appear soon.


Severn Valley gala & 55019 update

Stuart Page writes:

The Severn Valley Railway diesel gala was a huge success with Deltic fans having the chance to have haulage from both our own 55019 and the NRM’s D9002 on two days. Manning the event started with myself being on site for  a week beforehand from the Sunday to look after 55019, and instructing the guests on the driver experiences which ran on the Monday and Wednesday.  I moved over to D9002 as one of the drivers on the four days of the gala, including the mini event on the Sunday, and this meant additional cover was needed for 55019. Graham looked after the loco on the Friday, with Mike and Tom on the Saturday.  A DPS & Koyli sales stand were present both doing brisk business.

The following week 55019 was back on the driver experiences with myself and operated between Monday and Wednesday with a total of 39 happy drivers over the two week period.

During a routine inspection of 55019 an issue was found with the locomotive that requires some repairs before moving onto the Epping and Ongar Railway in September. The SVR have offered the facilities of the new TMD for this work. We wish to thank the SVR for this kind offer, in particular Rowland Bull, Depot Manager and Jonathan Dunster.

19SVR2016Above: 55019 on the turntable by the new SVR depot on May 20th. (Stuart Page)


Volunteer’s View – June 4th

Two reports from this weekend, firstly from Bethany Marsh at the DPS depot:

A very quiet day at Barrow Hill while everyone else was at York on D9009. I Worked with Tom finishing wiring for traction motor cables on one conduit, then moved onto PU430 changing more hoses. Darrell sorted some sales stock out for the upcoming railtour and Ray pottered around the depot doing odd bits. Many thanks to all for their help today.

Graham Clarke was at York, busy on D9009, and writes:

Beth has written about Barrow Hill today, I’ve been at York testing D9009′s batteries and some relays and contactors. We had some difficulties starting two engines on the last tour to Edinburgh. My conclusion is that the batteries don’t see enough use and need a thorough charge. Que the need for an onboard battery charger like on 55022. Thanks Colin and Dave for providing the details of what to get.

The other thing to do is get new stop relay coils. They are way out of specification and drop out before they should at too high a voltage. This tends to cause engines to shut down when the second one is started, because the battery voltage drops quite a lot when the engine is cranking over during a start. The relays drop out due to the drop in battery volts and they should not.

Mike and Nat have also done a great job yesterday and today with Graham from Serco. The axles have passed their three-yearly ultrasonic crack test. Thanks also to Steve, Mick, Pete and Alex for helping out in between tasks on D9002.

Volunteer’s View – May 28th

Graham Clarke writes…

I was photographing trains on the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland last week, so it was a shorter day for me at Barrow Hill on Saturday. It will be interesting to see what happens to the old line as the new tunnel opens fully, later in the year, following today’s formal opening ceremony.

The morning was spent on training for the new diesel forklift. It’s a great piece of kit and 3 tonne lift, which is really useful. We can now shift traction motors, which are dam heavy with a pump truck.

Through the day, we were working on cleaning out traction motor cable conduits and putting in a piece of wire to use for pulling in the actual draw cable. The area where no.6 traction motor cables come through the nose compartment floor was also cleaned and painted.

Having use of the new truck it was put to good use and various items were put into the van out the back of the depot.

Thanks to: Dave, Steve, Tom, Geoff, Darrell, Mike and Ray.

Deltic Borderer II – only a month away

The next main line railtour featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is now just a month away, and will see the Deltic repeat its trip from York to Tweedbank and back. Pathfinder Tours, who are promoting the trip, have advised that although more than 300 seats have been sold, there is still currently availability in all four types of accommodation (Standard, First, First Plus and Premier Dining).

For full details regarding the trip, which starts at Derby, please visit THIS PAGE on the Pathfinder Tours website. Remember that the DPS member discount (£5 per member) cannot be applied to online bookings – to obtain your discount, please book by phone or post, quoting your membership number.

Volunteer’s View – May 14th

An update from Graham Clarke at the DPS depot at Barrow Hill:

On Saturday, we moved the remaining marine engines to the back of the depot, the electrician came and PAT tested our kit, Beth and Nat worked on changing hoses on the spare power units, Geoff worked on painting power unit parts and Darrell prepared his sales stock for the SVR. I worked with Tom on the traction motor cables. We fitted successfully a prototype flexible conduit over one of the existing cables that’s not being replaced and fed in a draw for one of the cables that needs pulling in. After everyone else had gone, I finished modifying a spanner for fitting the flexible conduit fittings. They are in a very confined space below the loco floor. Thanks also to Mike for his help until lunch.

SVR gala roster for 55019

The Severn Valley Railway have today released the final (hopefully!) roster for its Diesel Gala, and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is booked to work the following services:


09.10 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster


12.37 Kidderminster-Bewdley, 13.32 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 16.11 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 18.25 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

The NRM’s D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’ will also be in action on these days (and on Thursday 19th May). The full loco roster and timetable for the event can be found on the SVR WEBSITE. The picture below, courtesy of Jonathan Dunster, shows the two locos outside Kidderminster depot, along with one of the other visiting locos, A1A Locomotives Ltd’s 5580.


55019 to operate at Severn Valley gala

The DPS is pleased to announce that, in addition to its Footplate Experience workings on May 16th/17th/23rd/24th/25th, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will now be operating at the Severn Valley Railway’s Diesel Gala on Friday May 20th and Saturday May 21st. Details of the services to be hauled by 55019 will appear here, and on the SVR Diesel Gala page, in due course. Do come along and see both 55019, with its newly painted nose ends (thanks to Steve Plowman), and the NRMs D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’, now sporting two-tone green livery, in action.

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