Volunteer’s View – November 26th 2016

Another weekend at Barrow Hill, from Graham Clarke:

Good progress was made at Barrow Hill again last Saturday. The last of the old boiler wiring was removed and the no.2 auxiliary generator field connections were reconnected in the correct order by Pete. Steve carried on fitting cable tray covers. Colin started fitting the roof drains to the to the engine room walls. Geoff was busy fitting rubber strips to the sharp edges around the cable trays to protect the cables from chafing. Neil and Nat worked on the cab of 55008, Beth worked on power units fitting fuel pumps and working out how to change the main output shaft seal (an overhauled generator will be ruined by a leaking seal that’s around 30 year’s old). And Howard helped me rig up a large fan heater in no.15′s engine room, because it’s getting cold now and we are waiting for the new mess cabin to be installed. I carried on replacing cables with in-line splices that go to the no.1 start control contactor

Volunteer’s View – November 19th 2016

Graham Clarke has been at Barrow Hill again….

Saturday was spent working on 55015′s electrics again.  The no.1 end start control contactor is being rewired, because it has inline crimped connections in the wires leading to it.  It appears that both start control contactors were removed and the wires chopped off sometime after withdrawal.  The damage was repaired by John, Pete or Graham from Finsbury Park sometime in 1986, before 55015 returned to traffic at Butterley.

As the locos electrics are in pieces, now is a good time to replace the wiring completely.  The fewer connections there are, the better it is for reliability and it just looks bad on a potential mainline locomotive.  The other start control contactor will be dealt with from next Saturday and the light switches above the driver’s head in each cab are also being rewired for the same reason.  Thanks to Tom and Howard for their help on Saturday.

Geoff worked on cable tray covers and engine mounting feet.  Sean steam cleaned them whilst he was cleaning the radiator compartment of his Class 37.  Thanks to both of you.

Deltic social at Doncaster – December 17th

As in previous years, DPS member John Herbert has organised a festive get-together for Deltic followers over a drink or two at the Corner Pin pub in Doncaster (around 5 mins walk from the station). It will take place on Saturday 17th December from 17.00 onwards. Chips will be available, but in time-honoured tradition, please bring your own cheese and battenberg.

Volunteer’s View – October 29th 2016

Graham Clarke’s latest report…

It was a productive Saturday at Barrow Hill. Beth worked on the spare power units, mostly changing old hoses for new ones. Colin and Adrian released the cab roof lining at no.2 end of 9015 to allow some wiring to the light switch panel to be changed. They then carried on fitting air tanks in no.2 nose end. Geoff and Steve worked on fitting the cable tray covers inside 15′s engine room, including making one into two shorter pieces to allow easy access to the cable tray where the OTMR data recorder will fit. I prepared a fairly extensive draft list of work that’s required on 55019 over the winter. Alex will now review it before the final version is issued. I also carried on with changing spliced wiring to the no.1 engine Start Control Contactor that we started last week. I’ve finally managed to remove all the old tape from the looms, so things should now move on more easily. I’ve also now got all the parts I need to fit the 8 new traction motor cables. This will be a priority over the coming weeks, so they are done before the bogies are ready to go under the loco early on next year. That will be a major step forward in the process of bringing no.15 back to life, hopefully later in 2017.

At York, no.9 had work done towards replacing it’s batteries, which have been dying through the year.

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered last weekend.

9YKD9009 stands outside the NRM on October 27th, prior to work on its batteries being undertaken two days later. (David Russell)


Volunteer’s View – October 22nd 2016

Another weekend report from Graham Clarke:

With Tom, Colin, Geoff and Ray later at Barrow Hill on Saturday.  Tom worked on replacing some wires to the no.1 engine start control contactor SCC1.  Both of them on the loco look like they were cut out, probably after withdrawal.  Somebody before the DPS owned ’TULYAR’ has done a decent job of patching up the wiring and replacing the small contactor that operates the main start contactors to crank the engines to start them.  It’s not coming off such a major rebuild like it was….  Tom did well with the fiddly job of removing insulating tape from the looms and picking out the bad cables.

At the other end Colin removed the sound screen from behind the driver’s seat to allow new wiring to go into the light switch panels, which Melvyn is working on from time to time.

Geoff cleaned up some traction motor terminal box conduit fittings and helped Ray sort some jobs out including a new and important Health and Safety Notice Board.

Thank you all for your support.

Volunteer’s View – October 16th 2016

Graham Clarke’s round up from Barrow Hill:

Another busy day at Barrow Hill.  55019 is now back and ready for some fairly extensive maintenance.  In preparation for that Geoff and Steve unbolted the centre roof section, the exhaust silencers from the engines, the small coolant pipes under the silencers and loosened the boiler feet bolts.  The pipes go between the two cooling system header tanks, the expansion tank and filling pump.  The centre roof complete with silencers and the defunct boiler should be lifted out t…his week.

I spent some quality electrician time with Tom who’s learning about the trade.  It’s a case of start at the top left of the schematic wiring diagram and finish at the bottom right checking each circuit in turn to make sure everything is connected or reconnected properly and their is good insulation resistance to the loco frame.  There are also lots of very detailed drawings, lists and records to use to find exactly how and where things should be connected.  We made solid progress, but it is a steady process that will take time and as few distractions as possible over the coming months to complete.  Good planning and skilled volunteers help me a lot.  Thank you to everyone for their valuable time and fruitful efforts.


Epping Ongar final weekend report

Stuart Page writes:
55019′s final running weekend at the Epping Ongar Railway to close the DPS season off was a great success. It started with Driving Experiences during Friday, then a Fish & Chip dinner in the evening through Epping Forest. Saturday continued with working all train services,  followed by a private night photo charter. Mike, Jeff and myself supporting the loco over the two days. Thanks to everyone at the Epping and Ongar Railway for making us so welcomed and being able to hear those Napier’s on 1/56 gradients on part of the London Underground!  RHF is now on its way back to Barrow Hill and will now have a well earned rest and a substantial amount of work carried out over the winter period.
The photo below was taken Saturday early evening and shows RHF in position ready for an EMRPS photo charter that is partly shown in the video HERE.

Epping Ongar events on October 7th & 8th

This coming weekend sees 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ in action at the Epping Ongar Railway.

Friday October 7th sees ‘The Deltic Diner’ Fish & Chip special run, leaving North Weald at 18.30. There are still a few seats available on the train, which will cover two round trips with RHF. The price for DPS members and their guests is £25 each (discounted from £30). Bookings can be made by visiting http://eorailway.co.uk/events/dining-trains/ - please use this code DD£5 to claim the discount and bring your membership card with you on the evening. You will need to pay the full fare if you don’t bring your membership card with you on the night.

On Saturday 8th October, 55019 will be in service throughout the day, operating between North Weald and Ongar. Also in action will be 31438 and 37029. A full timetable and loco roster in PDF format can be obtained by clicking HERE.

Volunteer’s View – October 1st

Graham Clarke’s latest report….

Yesterday at Barrow Hill it was Board Meeting and a working party as well.

Plans for our 40th next year, our finances (bogies are expensive), engineering and improving our processes were the main topics.

The site for our new mess cabin was cleared, 55015 had some checks done to identify any potential problems with the negative circuits (before anything’s reconnected) and planning for the new display area was done.

Thanks to Geoff, Colin, Peter, Beth, Nat and my fellow Board Members.

Volunteer’s View – September 24th

A report from Graham Clarke….

We had a very productive day on D9015 at Barrow Hill.  Mike, Geoff and Steve M worked on fitting out no.1 nose end and managed to sort out the moisture drains for the air tanks that mount on the floor.  This was difficult due to the cramped space and clutter of pipe work on the nose compartment floor.

Steve N worked on sorting out the route indicator blinds.  Some of the blinds were fitted, but it turned out the mechanisms were seized up, so these were freed off with WD40.  It needs oiling before final fitting.  The no.1 end has the mechanism missing for selecting which blind turns.  I need to find one, but I ran out of time to finish looking in the stores.

Having reflected on the insulation tests done last week, I was not happy with some of the readings being a bit low.  It would make meeting the overall control system insulation resistance to the loco frame even more difficult to achieve than it is already.  So, Pete and Colin removed, cleaned and varnished the  negative bus bars from each cubicle.  The backs of the panels where they fit were also cleaned and varnished.  The net result is a more than tenfold increase in the insulation resistance.  A much standard and a big help with getting a good end result.

Thanks very much for your help to all those mentioned.

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