Deltic Borderer II – only a month away

The next main line railtour featuring D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ is now just a month away, and will see the Deltic repeat its trip from York to Tweedbank and back. Pathfinder Tours, who are promoting the trip, have advised that although more than 300 seats have been sold, there is still currently availability in all four types of accommodation (Standard, First, First Plus and Premier Dining).

For full details regarding the trip, which starts at Derby, please visit THIS PAGE on the Pathfinder Tours website. Remember that the DPS member discount (£5 per member) cannot be applied to online bookings – to obtain your discount, please book by phone or post, quoting your membership number.

Volunteer’s View – May 14th

An update from Graham Clarke at the DPS depot at Barrow Hill:

On Saturday, we moved the remaining marine engines to the back of the depot, the electrician came and PAT tested our kit, Beth and Nat worked on changing hoses on the spare power units, Geoff worked on painting power unit parts and Darrell prepared his sales stock for the SVR. I worked with Tom on the traction motor cables. We fitted successfully a prototype flexible conduit over one of the existing cables that’s not being replaced and fed in a draw for one of the cables that needs pulling in. After everyone else had gone, I finished modifying a spanner for fitting the flexible conduit fittings. They are in a very confined space below the loco floor. Thanks also to Mike for his help until lunch.

SVR gala roster for 55019

The Severn Valley Railway have today released the final (hopefully!) roster for its Diesel Gala, and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ is booked to work the following services:


09.10 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster


12.37 Kidderminster-Bewdley, 13.32 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 16.11 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 18.25 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

The NRM’s D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’ will also be in action on these days (and on Thursday 19th May). The full loco roster and timetable for the event can be found on the SVR WEBSITE. The picture below, courtesy of Jonathan Dunster, shows the two locos outside Kidderminster depot, along with one of the other visiting locos, A1A Locomotives Ltd’s 5580.


55019 to operate at Severn Valley gala

The DPS is pleased to announce that, in addition to its Footplate Experience workings on May 16th/17th/23rd/24th/25th, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will now be operating at the Severn Valley Railway’s Diesel Gala on Friday May 20th and Saturday May 21st. Details of the services to be hauled by 55019 will appear here, and on the SVR Diesel Gala page, in due course. Do come along and see both 55019, with its newly painted nose ends (thanks to Steve Plowman), and the NRMs D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’, now sporting two-tone green livery, in action.

Move to Severn Valley Railway – May 12th

As mentioned by Stuart Page in the ‘Volunteers View’ published yesterday, 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ will be moving from York to the Severn Valley Railway tomorrow (Thursday May 12th) with D9002 ‘THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY’. The two Deltics, which are expected to be hauled by a Class 66, are due to leave the NRM at 09.48 and should run initially via Doncaster to Barrow Hill (arriving 11.52) for a brief stop, where 26007 and 33035 will be added to the consist. The full planned timings for this leg can be found HERE.

The second leg is from Barrow Hill to Kidderminster, departing at 12.35 and running via Chesterfield, Toton, Burton, Landor Stree, Kings Norton and Worrcester (run round 16.48/17.31), then to Kidderminster SVR, arriving 18.13. Timings for this leg can be found HERE. Please remember that special movements like this can run either early or late - please use the links to track the train’s progress on the day.


Volunteer’s View – May 7th/8th

Another report courtesy of Stuart Page at York MPD:

Work on 55019 continued during the week by Koyli volunteer Steve Plowman who was busy painting of the yellow ends. The loco looks quite impressive with weathered body and newly painted nose.

The weekend work continued with a few odds and sods to complete the B exam, with myself changing certain light bulbs and fitting out both cabs with brand new hand portable fire extinguishers and completing all paperwork. Replacing one brake gauge required the help of Steve, with one person required in the nose and the other in the cab. A job which is on my not to do list, well a rather hate list!

Some of DPS/KOYLI engineers were working on D9002 in the Great Hall with the loco booked to be released out of the building after end of play on Sunday.

With Flying Scotsman removed early from the display in the Great Hall in readiness for its booked run to Newcastle on Tuesday, visitors to the NRM were allowed out into the viewing area adjacent to the steam prep bay where 55019 was also stabled. This area had to be temporarily closed for half an hour on Sunday for 55019 to be run up and have its safety exam, which it passed. It was interesting to see the preparation of Scotsman on the adjacent line being prepped.

One of the last jobs to do was getting both cabs cleaned and the engine room, ready for our guests who have booked the driver experiences on the Severn Valley Railwat for the next two weeks. One of those experience drivers had travelled to the NRM over the weekend to see 55019 and by chance I was able to introduce myself as being their instructor.

Work will continue this week on D9002 with the booked tow of both Deltics via Barrow Hill to the SVR on Thursday May 12 – timings to follow.

Volunteers View – April 30 & May 1

Stuart Page writes from York MPD….

Meetings Meetings Meetings! This was the order for this weekend with our DPS board meeting held at the NRM on Saturday. Being a director and with the amount of work still to be completed on 55019, most of the day was spent on the loco rather than the meeting where other members of the engineering team (Alex, Graham and Pete) were present.
Graham had delivered some spare parts for D9009 and 55019 of which 19’s parts were fitted by me. The serviced drivers M8 brake valves (train brake) being the first. A replacement Spirex valve and some other items were fitted.
Melvyn worked downstairs in the pit checking all bogie work and greasing. Traction motors/brushes were also checked and bearings lubricated. Natalie and Adrian’s first job of the day was boxing in the air intakes of No 2 p/u after the previous weekend’s work of cleaning out the scavenger blower by me. This work was surprisingly quicker compared to the other unit. Natalie, with Adrian, help then prep the loco ready for a test run up of both units, No 2 unit being checked first. Great to hear 19 on two engines again.
D9009 had been positioned in front of 19 for other volunteers to clean after our mainline tour. Sadly the loco remained dirty, due to a lack of available volunteers to carry out the work.
Sunday’s work had both Pete and Alex calibrating the braking system on 19 with myself taking stock of our liquid requirements for our visit to the SVR and our next mainline tour. Adrian built up the drivers desk after the fitting of the M8’s the previous day.
Time for another meeting? Why not! As some of you may know a few of us are founders of the KOYLI group, looking after D9002 and quite a varied selection of other famous diesels under our wing. With our scheduled meeting completed, a test run of 55019 alongside the ECML finished off the weekend. There will be work continuing all this week by KOYLI volunteers on 55019 ready for our departure the following week.

Volunteer’s View – April 16th/17th (Part 2)

Following on from Stuart Page’s report on activity at York, Graham Clarke writes:

Meanwhile at Barrow Hill, Geoff and John continued with painting generator air ducts, Darrell was sorting sales and talking to me about moving power units and I was working out how to safely get three of the spare power units off wooden blocks and into proper feet. I think I’ve sorted out a proposal making best use of what equipment we already have. I now need to work it through with the interested parties and turn it into a proper plan. I also managed to remove the remaining traction motor flexible conduit adaptors for no.6 traction motor from under no.2 nose end.

Volunteer’s View – April 16th/17th

This week’s report comes from Stuart Page at York MPD:

A week after our successful railtour to Tweedbank with D9009, attention moved over to 55019. Work actually started a few months ago on 55019, including removing foreign matter from the scavenger blower on No 1 power unit by yours truly – a very time consuming job. The unit hadn’t run since September last year at the SVR, having been stopped with abnormal noises. With the scavenger completed after weeks of work, and a final check over by early afternoon, Tom and Melvyn started to temporary box in the power unit connecting the air intakes. These two gentlemen had spent the morning removing the air intakes off No 2 p/u for inspection of the scavenger by me, which was found requires the same attention.

Pete, Mick and Adrian spent the day continuing the ‘B exam’ which included items needing replacing, electrical and power unit work. By mid afternoon all the exam work had been completed other than those items which will be undertaken in two weeks’ time, when the loco is booked over the inspection pit. With these items completed, prep work started in getting No 1 p/u ready for an engine test run. By 16.55 the whole team had completed all required jobs for the day, which ended with a very satisfying test run of No 1 unit.

Work normally continues on Sundays too with myself working on No 2 scavenger while Adrian completed the air ducting on No 1.

Thanks to everyone who turned up at York. Was a great effort and some very good company.

DPS depot closed this Saturday (April 16th)

Please note that due to work being concentrated on D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ and 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ at York this weekend (sorting out a few items and carrying out an external clean after the Tweedbank trip, and making final preparations for the SVR driver experience visit respectively), the DPS depot will not be open on April 16th.

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